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MAGFest 11 OCR Community Info - Rooms/People/Rides/GroupReg (Partially Updated 12/26/12)

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For the link that Shaggy posted, what is everyone naming the block group? Would OCRemix be fine?

I sent a separate request at beginning of the month to create the block (posted in page 17 about this). I named it "OverClocked ReMix (OCR)", so if you use either the full name or the OCR acronym, Colette should understand which block you're talking about when it comes time for her to round up all the submissions.

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depends on the night - Thursday or so people kindof just find each other. The area with all the round tables seems a likely spot.

Pretty much this - I randomly happened to be in the same metro car as wildfire & her friends, and then when we got there I also ran into Skummel and a host of others.

For those who haven't been to MAGFest before, feel free to PM me if you want to exchange numbers in case you might feel left out on Thursday & want to meet people beforehand. It's a bit early for number exchanging or even suggesting number exchanging to be honest though...

Also, I'm sure someone will start a gdoc (or I will) when it comes closer to MAGFest.

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Hey, I haven't been down to National Harbor in a little while (since last MAGFest), but I'll see if me and Jenner can't chill out there for a little while between now and then to see what's changed. Maybe I'll write a new / update that old guide to the National Harbor area.

And we should try to get a photo contest going with that stupid "The Uprising" statue on the waterfront. KF

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I'm fairly certain I can make it to MAG now. But I'm going to need a place to crash for Sunday night because my flight out isn't until Monday afternoon at DCA. So if there's anyone nearby that can host me for that night, I'd really appreciate it. Also, if there is anyone with space in their room to spare, let me know as well.

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Thank you for submitting your panel idea OverClocked After Dark for MAGFest 2013! We had a large number of submissions and we could only take a small percentage to include in this year's program.

Unfortunately we did not select your panel to be featured this year, but we appreciate your enthusiasm and we urge you to resubmit your panel ideas (and add more!) when we open the submission form for next year in late spring.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send them to panels@magfest.org.


Carla Voorhees & Tim Macneil

Panels Department

MAGFest 2013

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