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The Wii Mini, a $99 Wii just for Canada!

The Damned

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It's smaller, doesn't play GameCube games, has no online (but then, the Wii barely did, so...) and is only going to be available in Canada for the first few months. Truly, this is the ultimate console.

If anyone wants one, just PM me and I'll have it sent by dog sled to the US border. I'll take furs or muskets instead of money if you have trouble converting your dollars to our coins.

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lack of gamecube support is no surprise, nintendo already did that with the most recent generation of new Wii consoles

reminds me of their handhelds, slowly and quietly phasing out backwards compatibility just because they know we'll still pay out the ass for everything. I'm sure it helps cut production costs too

cool shape and design, dumb colors for a console. also, no WiFi? .......why not? do people in canada not use the internet

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I challenge someone to name a game for the Wii that people can play online, and still do.

Animal Crossing! Online is a pretty big component of it for some people. Nintendo sends items through WiiConnect24 still too, I got one a few weeks back.

I can't think of much else though. Not sure if Monster Hunter Tri still has servers up or not. Shooters were never that big on Wii either. Dragon Quest X never came here. Alas!

This thing is weird, but hey its a cheap way to get into some Wii games. Its just a nice cheap option for families that don't need online functionality or Gamecube support.

*EDIT - I suppose the lack of virtual console kinda sucks, though some people wouldn't care about that I suppose.

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