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Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar available now! Kontakt not required!


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Just finished up this project, recorded by SIXTO and edited/scripted by me :D Here's the KVR post -

Our original Shreddage: Electric Rhythm Guitar library, and its expansion, Shreddage X, have been well-loved by thousands of hobbyist and professional composers, producers and guitarists around the world. Featuring a brutal, aggressive sound and incredible realism at an unbeatable price, these libraries raised the bar for guitar libraries and spawned many imitators. Now, over two years since the original release, there has been one question among our users: what's next?

Well, I'm pleased to announce that we have just released the sequel...

Shreddage II: Absolute Electric Guitar

This library builds on the innovations we made with the original Shreddage, but has been recorded, edited, scripted and programmed from the ground up with entirely new samples. We looked at the problems with current 'advanced' guitar libraries, such as over-reliance on keyswitches for basic articulations, bloated memory usage, lack of realism for rapid passages/chugs, high cost, and weak tone unfitting of heavy genres like rock and metal.

Among the host of new features and powerful scripting within Shreddage 2, the most important difference is that the library is no longer limited to rhythm playing! We sampled every fret on every string of a 7-string guitar, including the full range of articulations and even deeper sampling than in the original library. This allows for stunningly realistic LEAD playing as well as rhythm, which of course S2 excels at as well.

Sample Features

* Deep-sampling from drop G to all the way up the neck on every string

* Up to 8x round robins per articulation, per note, including up/down strokes

* Single notes and powerchords

* Sustains and aggressive sustains

* Up to FIVE LAYERS of palm mutes

* Tremolo picking and pinch squeals

* True hammer-on and pull-off recordings & scripting

* True portamento slides up to and down from TWO OCTAVES per note

* THREE unique vibrato types (light fingered, heavy fingered, whammy bar)

* Non-muted staccato notes

* Unpitched and pitched release noises

* Fret squeaks and extra pre-attack pick noise

Despite this incredible depth and breadth of articulations (7,000+ samples), the library only takes up 4.5gb of disk space, translating to about ~500mb of RAM usage - and that's before NCW compression! But we're just getting started. Check out the incredible things we did with S2's scripting.

Library / Script Features

* Fretboard monitor

* ALL articulations accessible without keyswitches

* True double-tracking

* Easily customize articulations and velocity mapping

* Quick velocity input scaling

* Built-in preset system with one-click save/recall

* Intelligent string selection w/ virtual hand/fret position

* Forced string selection and string realism controls

* Customizable hammer-on and portamento settings

* Forced stroke direction controls (down only, up only, alt picking)

* Noise volume mixer

* Release and tightness envelope controls

* Monophonic and polyphonic modes

* Screamer pedal, 'bite EQ', and compressor with sweet-spot settings

* ... and more!

Video / Demos

The following demos have been created by myself and our wonderful beta testers. We think you'll agree this really represents the next stage of evolution in virtual guitar sounds.


Price and Availability

Shreddage 2 is available now! After all this you might be worried that given the scope and power, it will cost as much as other advanced guitar libraries - $200, $300, maybe even $400+. You would be wrong.

For existing Shreddage / Shreddage X Users: $99

For new customers, introductory price: $119

Let that sink in for a minute! Oh, and...

Did we mention it comes with Kontakt Player? :mrgreen:

Shreddage 2 @ Impact Soundworks

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I endorse this product. Simply because you can get a Squier strat for $99 and learn to play guitar the real way, but if you do that then I have to sit through "Hye snappulmen how is my playing almost as gud as urs i think but I dunno lol ;) ~*PLINK PLINK PLINK*~" IMs 40 times a day.... so please, buy Shreddage instead :(

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I will endorse this product, not with a strange, self-imposing and self-inflated message like Snappleman's, but with actual praise for a genuinely kick-ass product from a company that has nowhere to go but up.

Impact is revolutionizing the way sample companies provide for musicians and we need to support their products to fund even better projects and further heightening of the bar. Get Shreddage today!

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Bought it this morning. Spectacular stuff straight out of the box. Or download. Or whatever. But the Peavy ReValver had some problems cooperating with Logic and its stand-alone's activation doesn't seem to work properly. I have other amp software that I use so it's not that big of a deal, but still... :whatevaa:

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