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Final Fantasy 6: Balance & Ruin ReMix Contest (v2) - RESULTS IN


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Well... I have an old WIP of Narshe that actually was pretty promising... So maybe I will revamp that. My biggest problem is I'm going to SF on the 21st so that gives me 3 days to do it *_*

And I already have another deadline for something else. BUT NOT A PROBLEM.

whatever you do, i'm sure it will be FABULOUS~

hey you're coming to SF, we're all about FABULOUS things :3

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So since this contest has started, I've had to close on a house, paint it, move some stuff over, deal with a broken car, buy a new one, get through projects and class in school, study for one of our once-monthly mega exams in dental school this coming Friday, and write a remix for the FL Studio Remix Gauntlet.

Damn, life, you scary. But somehow, I have 3 minutes of tunez written for Mines of Narshe so far. Man, I hope I can find the time to finish it. I'd be *ecstatic* if I placed in this compo! Shreddage II in my body...

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