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Final Fantasy 6: Balance & Ruin ReMix Contest (v2) - RESULTS IN


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The Contest

Last year, we ran a remix contest to help find new artists (and complete unclaimed sources) for the FF6 Balance & Ruin project. The contest was a huge success and we brought a number of new people on to the roster.

The majority of the project is now done, but we still have a few tracks left that we could use arrangements for; these sources tunes were either overlooked, or the ReMixers who previously claimed them ended up dropping out for time reasons.

This is your opportunity to try your hand at arranging one (or more!) of these themes for the project!

The Source Tunes

The Mines of Narshe

The Unforgiven




The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel


The Fierce Battle



The Fanatics



* You may arrange the source tune(s) in whatever style you want. However, I encourage you to try to keep with the general mood and 'feel' of the original. For the Fierce Battle, you could try a rock or metal mix, an uptempo electronic track, or even a chaotic jazz piece. But I wouldn't recommend a soft New Age arrangement. :-)

* Feel free to team up with other ReMixers, though you will be splitting the prizes amongst yourselves.

* Please do NOT use any sampled audio from the game - even sound effects.

* You must predominantly use at least one source from this list. You may use multiple sources, or sources not on this list, but preferably to a lesser degree.

* Try to adhere to the OCR standards of production and arrangement.


In the interest of time, the judges panel will be selecting the winners for the contest (along with myself and McVaffe). We WILL be anonymizing all the entries beforehand, of course.


All entrants and submissions will be carefully considered for addition to the Balance & Ruin project. However, our three favorite entries will receive the following (guaranteed):

1st place: A physical copy of Balance & Ruin, the entire zircon discography, any three libraries from Impact Soundworks.

2nd place: The entire zircon discography, any two libraries from Impact Soundworks.

3rd place: The entire zircon discography, any library from Impact Soundworks.

Submission / Deadline

You MUST submit your entries VIA EMAIL in MP3 format (192kbps and above please) to aaversa@gmail.com. You can attach the files or use WeTransfer.com / YouSendIt.com. You should of course keep the full-quality 24bit WAV render on hand as well.

ALL SUBMISSIONS must be received by February 28th, 2013 at 11:59PM EST!



OK! We've finally collected all the votes and combed through them. Each mix was voted on in terms of arrangement creativity, and production (to a lesser degree, given the short timeline). It was actually very interesting seeing all the votes (each staffer picked their top 5 mixes). The spread was close and no two people had the same top 5. That speaks to the effort of everyone who contributed a mix, so thank you!


1st Place: Archangel with "Umaro's New Groove" (tied with XPRTNovice's "Narshemellow")

2nd Place: Patrick Burns with "Following Forgotten"

3rd Place: Mustin with "Now is the Winter"

Again, the voting was VERY VERY close, so I feel I should also give shoutouts to...

Honorable Mentions: Adam Kirby with "Endless Stair" and Jakesnke17 with "Gizmo Loving Sasquatch"

If you placed in the top three, please email me (aaversa@gmail.com) with your choice(s) of ISW libraries!

Overall, there were so many good entries that we will definitely be inviting more than those listed above to the project - so even if you didn't "win", keep your eyes peeled for an invite nonetheless.

Thank you so much everyone for participating, and you can find a RAR with ALL entries below!


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I'll see if I can make something for this since I got Monday off (I plan to do something to the effect of electronica/glitch/rock). Good luck to others.

By the way, what if not all the source tunes are chosen? Another contest? Last-minute remixer joins in? You take a shot at it? xD

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For the Fierce Battle, you could try a rock or metal mix, an uptempo electronic track, or even a chaotic jazz piece. But I wouldn't recommend a soft New Age arrangement. :-)

Damn, I wanted to do a chillout remix of Fierce Battle, too bad :P

Hmm, perhaps I'll enter this one as well

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I think it would be the most hilarious thing in the world to do Umaro's theme in the style of Kenny G. I'm almost super tempted to do it.

doooo it.

also is this open to everyone? Im not particularly confident on the being up to the OCR standards, but i can try to make something enjoyable. if anything, for practice and good spirits :)

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I really, really, REALLY hope someone covers Mines of Narshe. Absolutely love the source tune.

Same here! It's my favorite from the soundtrack and on my short list to remix when I start remixing. Right now I'm too inexperienced, plus there's no way I can remix it on such a short deadline.

I pray someone here will do the source tune justice.

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