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Other DAWs / *Type name of DAW* for the Primary DAW of choice list?

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Hi, I'm pretty new to this site, and I've just started working on my profile - But there was one thing that got me stuck - The Primary DAW of choice option.

My primary DAW for composition and arrangement alike is Mixcraft - now, don't get started, I know it's often referred to as GarageBand for Windows and the beginners' DAW, I know I'll never get too far in it and I'll eventually have to change ship and I know that I'm a 'OMG n00b u must die', but for now, I've gotten used and grown to it, and it's my favorite. (also my current computer can't run SONAR but that's another story) However, it shocked me when I found out that there wasn't an option for Mixcraft (and GarageBand, but considering that Mixcraft isn't in, the lack of GarageBand isn't too surprising.) Given, I do use FL Studio every now and then, (especially when I need/want a pitchbend of more than 2 semitones) but I just don't use it enough for it to be considered as my primary DAW.

I'm pretty sure some others have some other programs that they mainly use that aren't in the list, like Renoise, OpenMPT and GarageBand, so it'd be nice if the staff here were kind enough as to add in more programs or to add a custom option where we can type in our DAW's name!

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One thing I've thought it might help with was to find collab partners when you're using one of the rarer musical tools. Such as a tracker.

Not even that rare in the game community either, modplug and renoise at least should definitely on the list IMO

"Other(fill in):" option is a good idea, probably unreasonable to add all music software out there to the list

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