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Absolutely insane a capella!

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OMG had to see what was up with this... wow so amazing, that is some serious talent! It wasn't *totally* acapella though, he had the kitty help out at some points. :-P

Unless he had Keyboard Cat accompanying him or the cat was using its tail to hit things percussively or something, it still was a capella, just not all the voices were human ;)

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i think it's comical he thinks people will believe him that he's not using voice correction software =) the video isn't even in sync with his mouth half the time!

I don't really like to assume that people are lying when they say things like that...A lot of the time the voices do sound processed but some people can do things that you wouldn't believe are possible!

Also if the audio doesn't always match up with the video that's probably an encoding/youtube thing or something (Although with everything moving so fast I don't know how you can tell it's out of sync ;-)).

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Wait. I didn't think he was using pitch-correcting tools. That means that he's actually singing them kind of badly and fixing them with digital editing?

I think probably not. Even if he is using digital tools to touch it up, he's probably working with rather good raw material anyways... It is really hard to take not-so-good audio and patch it up to sound great, as far as I recall.

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