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Super Smash Bros. 4

The Derrit

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Smash Bros. is the only reason I still pay attention to Nintendo at all and Brawl lost my interest fairly quickly.

But they have Mega Man now so we are best friends again.


Seriously, the Wii U wasn't even on my radar, but now it's almost definitely on my must-buy list.

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I wasn't surprised to see Mega Man's addition to the game (since fans have been asking for this moment for so long), but I am pumped to see how he plays in-game. His addition into the game makes me wonder what other characters could be joining the fray. *scratches head* I mean, imagine all the possibilities!

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Yeah, this looks like fun to be sure, but I'm just wondering how different this will be from Brawl. It looks more or less the same game with enhancements. It's too early to tell, I'll be interested to hear more later on. So far, this is the only Wii U game I'd want. I'm going to have to have a few games on my wanted list before justifying a purchase of the console.

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- characters outlined on 3DS version to make them easier to see

- Bowser now stands more upright

- Bowser running speed and moves have been adjusted

- total numbers of characters same on each platform

- more stages based on handheld games for 3DS

- more stages based on console stages for Wii U

- more primary colors on Wii U version

- visual effects added as well to highlight quick movements

- Samus is closer to her Other M design

- she now has black lines and perforated metal

- Pit is now the Kid Icarus uprising version with new moves

- he has upper dash arm and guardian orbitals

- Village uses sappling, umbrella, slingshot, fireworks and weeds

- he can also shovel the ground and attack with a bowling ball and can grab anything

- something he picks up he can use again at any time, including Mario's fire ball and Samus' missile

- Mega Man doesn't punch/kick a lot, but uses the Mega Buster

- can do so while walking/jumping

- he can also use the charge shot as a smash attack

- sliding and Rush coil are other mobile attacks

- he also has a variety of moves he gets from series bosses, including Metal Blade

- Metal Blade can be picked up and used as an item

- the Crash Bomber can be attached to an opponent

- The Top Spin is a spinning attack

- the Hard Knuckle has a meteor impact

- the Slash Claw and Flame Sword are air attacks

- The Leaf Shield protects and can be thrown

- the Spark Shot will morph Mega Man's hands, but will overheat him

- Wii Fit trainer moves with grace

- her basic moves are based off of her fitness exercises

- she may also give herself health tips while battling

- Wii Fit Trainer's final smash is called Wii Fit

- Smash Bros. Miiverse has launched

- Sakurai will be posting

- characters page on the official website

from a

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I was totally going to make fun of this, but the trailer totally sold it. She's basically a joke character like Jigglypuff in the first Smash Bros game.

Now I can't wait to troll my friends by beating them with her.

You call her a joke character, but watch her end up being top tier.

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WFTrainer is definitely hilarious

After watching more I'm less enthusiastic about Mega Man, he appears to be built entirely on projectiles with almost no CQC game, it's like Toon Link on steroids :(

Skyward Sword stage and SS Link are nice, I love that games art style so I hope to see a lot of it in this game

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