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Forum Avatars - RIP


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Yeah! Too bad his Converse shoes wouldn't fit though.

How come all the avatars are in a jumbled order anyway? They're not alphabetical, not chronological, just a mess. Even the recently added ones seem randomly placed. This is more out of curiosity than for the sake of critisism/improvement, btw.

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Erm...? How does this work? Do we just post the avatars we made here? Cause that's what everyone else seems to be doing.

Okay, here goes. I made some avatars from Dynamite Headdy, for the genesis. Good ol' Treasure. The 32x32 restrictions posed a challenge for Headdy's sprites, leading me to crop out the top of his head/bottom of his feet...

Headdy - headdystand.GIF

Headdy Running - headdyrun.GIF

Headdy Panicked - headdypanic.GIF

Headdy Exasperated/Tired/Messed Up - headdymessed.GIF

LT: I'm not gonna add stuff where the cropping cuts stuff out. That just looks bootleg. Typically, you want to resize the image to fit the 32x32 limit. But for these, the sprites are so ugly that it's a no-go anyway.

Silly four image per post limit.

Trouble Bruin - bruin.GIF

Headcase - headcase.GIF

Hangman - hangman.GIF

Beau - beau.GIF

LT: The sprites are uglyz.

The last batch.

Generic Knight Enemy Guy - knightguy.GIF

Twin Freaks (Green) - twinfreaksgreen.GIF

Twin Freaks (Red) - twinfreaksred.GIF

Dark Demon - darkdemon.GIF

FUN GAME: mention twin freaks to ANYONE who has played Dynamite Headdy. Guess how long it will take for them to crawl into a corner and weep softly into a pillow!

LT: Genesis sprites are always dim for some reason. Brighten the Twin Freaks a bit and lemme see them then. Those could be good.

Heh, honestly, Twin Freaks were the only images I cared about. The rest was just "well if I'm doing them I may as well do a whole bunch more." I could care less about the other ones. Cropping = no fun.

So here you go. I'm kind of debating which one of these ones is better...


(they've both been modified from the original...would've put the original as well for comparison, but DARN THAT FOUR IMAGE LIMIT.)

The one on the right seems a little too bright...Oh well, you be the judge.

And as for the Red one...

twinfreaksred.GIF ---> twinfreaksredbright.GIF

This time the one on the left is the original, and the one on the right's the brightened one.

LT: Good deal.

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Marvel vs. Capcom - Onslaught:


Namco x Capcom - Mega Man Juno:


Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts - Arthur in his (Psycho) Underpants:


SNK Gals' Fighters - Athena:


LT: Give Arthur a good in-game background and I'd add it. Rest are bueno.

And the remaining Mega Man 7 password faces:


LT: Thanks for completing the set!

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These are my first photoshop projects of anything, so...

Super Mario 3: P-Wing


LT: I don't recall the pixels of the SNES P-Wing seeming this ugly. Was this scaled down or something?

Dracula X / Vampire's Kiss: Richter crouching


LT: Nah. No need for a sprite of him crouching, plus the size of the image makes having a background weird. It should have been transparent.

I did what I could with 'em for the moment.

...Still looking for some decent images worth cropping of Eric Lecarde from Bloodlines.

I don't recall the pixels of the SNES P-Wing seeming this ugly. Was this scaled down or something?

*laughs* Sadly, yes. Copied, cropped, sized to 32x32. It's not getting any better than that unless I photoshop it myself.

...Second thought, I'm too lazy to even think that. I'll just find something else.

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Pardon me for being slow on the uptake, but how did I get Crash as my avatar automatically? :P Whatever, thanks very much to everyone who contributed to the new icons.

My money's on Arek BTW. *munches popcorn*

LT: Nope.

I actually just now saw this, so sorry for not replying to this sooner.

No, I did not get that for you, but I probably somehow some way influenced it. Even if I didn't, I still want to take credit cause she mentioned me :P

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So there I was, comparing the Azumanga Daioh avatars to one of Sakaki that I've been working on, when I noticed something curious. Yukari and Osaka in the (Anime) gallery are bitmaps with the names



From what I've seen, a bitmap takes up more space than the average image file. Just to be sure, I converted these two to GIF format, compared pixels, and found the GIFs to be exact replicas, but in a smaller package. So here's the non-BMP stand-ins:


LT: Danke.

And of course, Sakaki:


And Kyon from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:


(Yep, it's the same defeated expression tried like 3 times prior, each time "not sharp enough" or similar.)

LT: The linework looks too pixelated. Not feeling it, until the image looks smoother.

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I have assembled some Fire Emblem sprites because of the noticeable lack of them.









I have more, but I will first await the critiquing of these - they are all in more or less the same format, so if it's wasted effort to post the others, do let me know.

LT: Well, if these are actual game sprites, they're pretty ugly to me. Plus, these aren't properly centered. It also doesn't look right when a sprite about 40-45 pixels high is arbitrarily cropped. Better to resize and fit it within the 32x32 size limit.

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Megaman (Gameboy)


LT: Yeah, these are good. I'm assuming they're MM1 for the Game Boy? Just let me know when you have a chance.

Yeah, Megaman 1. That's what I wrote right above the images. I'm pretty sure the megaman graphics are identical in all the gameboy megaman games (like they're the same in all the NES ones), but I could be wrong. Though, MM5 (and maybe MM4, too) was designed for the color gb, and I don't know what he would look like then. But this is definitely how he looks in the first 3.

Tankman looks handdrawn; why not a resize from the Flash?

Ahaha! Awesome video.

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Don't we have Dark Knight Cecil already? Maybe I'm just thinking of FF4A.

Yeah, I was just rounding out our collection of Cecils: FF4 Dark Knight (full sprite), FF4 Paladin (full sprite), FF4 Paladin (profile), FF4A Dark Knight (profile), and FF4A Paladin (profile).



sakaki2.gif Sakaki

kyon2.gif Kyon

tankman2.gif Tankman

Zelda 3 - Armos:


LT: What are the source images for these anime pics? The Tankman resize isn't sharp enough, but once it is, I'm definitely gonna roll with it. Armos is an ugly sprite, so I pass.

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Rockford from Boulder Dash:


Scooter from Menace Beach:


Milon from Milon's Secret Castle:


Jake from Totally Rad:


LT: The 1st and 3rd are cool, but I'm just not feeling those background choices.

2nd is an ugly sprite.

4th is totally rad, so that's a go.

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