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Forum Avatars - RIP


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interweb cousins

lol. Thanks for picking up my slack, 'cuz.

Anyway, in the Bandai section, there's a misnamed avatar


His name's actually Geronimo

This is Brocken, who was removed from the U.S. version of M.U.S.C.L.E.


LT: If Brock there wasn't so fugly, I'd add him. Hell, Geronimo's ugly enough. Thanks for the fix.

And a quick question: I can't find my avatar in the anime gallery. Was it removed or can one simply not see their avatar in the gallery once selected?

LT: Indeed, once you select an avatar, it's taken out of the gallery lineup. No sense showing you the selection you already have again, when it's already shown off up top as "Your Current Avatar". vBulletin hotness.

Also, a few subs of Marina from Mischief Makers.





LT: The second one, with the scowl. :-) The first is two small, and the other two are too similar in the background color and facial placement. Along the lines of why I didn't use both King Hippo pictures. Since the game was first published in Japan first, Enix gets the nod as the company and it goes into Misc.

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I'm loving the refined order and comprehensive details at play in the avatar roster, LT. Very nice work. Here's some more fixes / upgrades:

Capcom ~ Fighters

The Card Fighters version of Chun-Li is from Card Fighters 2 (like Strider Hiryu), as is...


...Vanessa and Kula here (like Iori).

Square ~ Chrono

Chrono Trigger Zzz1 - Yuji Horii

Chrono Trigger Zzz3 - Kazuhiko Aoki

Chrono Trigger Zzz9 - Hironobu Sakaguchi

(Rexy named them way back here)

Square ~ Final Fantasy

FF4 - Palom and Porom's names are swapped (the SNES sprites on pg. 2). Palom = green suit, red cape; Porom = red suit, yellow collar, green cape

Square ~ Xeno

Xenogears 1 - Citan Uzuki

Xenogears 2 - Elhaym Van Houten

Xenogears 3 - Fei Fong Wong


.hack//Sign 1 - Tsukasa

.hack//Sign 2 - Orca

Ah! My Goddess 1 - Belldandy

Ah! My Goddess 2 - Skuld

Ah! My Goddess 3 - Urd

DNA² 1 - Tomoko Saeki

DNA² 2 - Karin Aoi

DNA² 3 - Karin Aoi (again)

DNA² 4 - Junta Momonari

El-Hazard 1 - Rune Venus

El-Hazard 2 - Nanami Jinnai

El-Hazard 3 - Katsuhiko Jinnai

El-Hazard 4 - Shayla-Shayla

El-Hazard 5 - Alielle

El-Hazard 6 - Masamichi Fujisawa

Excel Saga 1 - Hyatt

Excel Saga 2 - Excel

Excel Saga 3 - Pedro

Excel Saga 4 - Nabeshin

FLCL 1 - Haruko Haruhara

FLCL 2 - Eri Ninamori

FLCL 3 - Naota Nandaba

FLCL 4 - Mamimi Samejima

Great Teacher Onizuka 4 - Eikichi Onizuka

Neon Genesis Evangelion 1 - Eva Unit-01

Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 - Shinji Ikari

Neon Genesis Evangelion 3 - Asuka Langley Soryu

Neon Genesis Evangelion 4 - Rei Ayanami

Neon Genesis Evangelion 5 - Gendo Ikari

Neon Genesis Evangelion 6 - Misato Katsuragi

Neon Genesis Evangelion 7 - Ritsuko Akagi

Rurouni Kenshin 1 - Sanosuke Sagara

Rurouni Kenshin 2 - Kaoru Kamiya

Vision of Escaflowne 1 - Van Slanzar de Fanel

Vision of Escaflowne 2 - Allen Schezar

...and last but not least, I figured the "mmmod" avatars in the Capcom ~ Mega Man category could use their native backgrounds, as seen in the Mega Man 7 password screen they come from (I simply edited out the numbers):


LT: I will definitely get to these eventually, but my priority of late has been the panel and getting ready for the upcoming Otakon presentation. This update is great, and I'll enjoy moving forward with it once I get some free time, most likely the end of next week. Thanks, bro.

EDIT (7/26): Got to all of these finally. Thanks a lot for these details. I feel much better about our entire avatar package with you and everyone making me aware of any info I need.

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I think the baby yoshis, like the one above, are from SMW1, not SMW2. Am I wrong? Where in SMW2 do you ever find baby yoshis?

LT: As far as I know, the Yoshis with the HUGE amount of assorted colors couldn't be from SMW1, as there were only red/green/blue. I've played/beaten/100% cleared SMW1 and never saw these colors. They may simply be recolored SMW1 sprites, I wouldn't know. Anyone that can confirm/deny would be appreciated.

Speaking of recolored, most of the Mega Man sprites are (NES sprites can only have 4 colors each as far as I know), even though the graphics are originally taken from the NES games (I think). Would it be cool (for me) to upload some un-recolored ones?

LT: I actually swapped out any NES ones for the recolored ones when the poses were the same. To me they looked cooler, so I'm gonna stick with those.


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So... we need more Turtles. I tried ripping graphics from TMNT IV, but the sprite is 64x64 rather than 32x32:


So I need to either crop or resize. This is the resized one (sharpened a bit):


Not great... so I tried cropping:


Don't know how you like the crop, but anyway... I also tried removing the background, leaving only a contour...


LT: The cropped one with background would possibly look better with an in-game background.

Hmm... there's a lot of in-game backgrounds in this game. I wonder which one would look best. If I make more of these, can I include foot soldiers as well? They're pretty cool, I think.

LT: As long as they look good, whatever characters you want.

and removing the background altogether.


4 image limit, sorry for double-posting.

TMNT II has some good stuff too:


Here's Leonardo - cropped:


I couldn't resist recoloring his shell... again, NES graphics only allow for 4 colors for each sprite, so I guess they couldn't help coloring it green there.


LT: Nice work with the recoloring. Definitely the right move, and in context. Yeah, these will look good.

Same thing with Raphael:


And Michaelangelo (better crop on next page):


Donatello's graphics suck here, so... dunno about that one.

LT: Not sure what's wrong with Donatello, but try him too and let's see if it really looks bad with a tight crop around the face and and some of the staff weapon in the upper left. The others look excellent of course.

I'll give Don another shot then, and let you be the judge, but I didn't like what I got last time I tried.

Splinter, TMNT I...


Without background...


Shredder, TMNT III


and April:


I got a little artistic when cropping those last two - their faces wouldn't fit anyway.

LT: Ouch on Shredder. Oogly. The others are good to go. I wouldn't have minded some background, but definitely nice work on the cropping; good artistic license, David.

Yeah, he was pretty ugly, but it's the only shot I have of him (except from the TMNT IV intro sequence). Wish I could make him look better. April has a white background originally, so given the gray color scheme here at OCR, I think she looks better without.

LT: Shit, I meant SPLINTER. The old rat! Shredder is badass.

Oh. Hehe.



I think these must be composed of several sprites each... since they're more than 4 colors. Not that it matters to you.

LT: Cowabunga.

Sorry for multiposting, and I guess most of them will get either a no or a no resubmit, but I figured I should at least try. :)

Starfox... (Polo made better ones, deleting mine)

Alternate cropping of Mike (TMNT II). I like this one better.


TMNT4: (merged 4 pictures)


LT: No problem with Star Fox. That's a team effort! The alternate cropping looks even better. Nice touch.

Crops (cropping could be more interesting, I guess):


LT: Yeah, I get what you mean, but with the pictures so large, those crops are the very best you can get, which is fine. One of my childhood favorites.

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LT: As far as I know, the Yoshis with the HUGE amount of assorted colors couldn't be from SMW1, as there were only red/green/blue. I've played/beaten/100% cleared SMW1 and never saw these colors. They may simply be recolored SMW1 sprites, I wouldn't know. Anyone that can confirm/deny would be appreciated.

There were also yellow Yoshis, and yes, that sprite is recolored from SMW1. Baby Yoshis never make any appearance in SMW2 in that sprite form.

LT: Thanks, Kyle. I knew it had to something like that. I'll rework the filenames when I have a chance.

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Shut up. :)!!

It'd be cool if the forum software was able to limit posts to 1 or 2 MB of images (though I've seen people with 3 MB sigs) instead of a fixed number, or limit the total number of image pixels in one post, or something. 4 ginormous images has to be much worse for the everyday forum-goer than 5 avatar-sized ones, or as in this case, 17... or is it 21?

EDIT: 25. lol... anyway, Coop, you were 3 hours late.

There were also yellow Yoshis, and yes, that sprite is recolored from SMW1. Baby Yoshis never make any appearance in SMW2 in that sprite form.

Thanks. I really thought they looked out of place. There's your confirmation, Larry.

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Um, Dafydd? Just a heads-up:

GIF format is the ONLY file format we accept.

I already converted the Starfox avatars for you (and brightened them up a touch):


And Liontamer - we know you've got priorities with Otakon and all. No rush.

LT: Not even just Otakon and VGL' date=' but real life is evil! Aside from The Lady and work, any other distraction from OCR is unfortunate. We've actually got another convention we're potentially in talks with, so thems the breaks. Can't prioritize these first, even though this stuff is infinitely more appealing. :'-( Nice work on Dafydd's Star Fox subs.[/color']

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Oops. I'll go and convert them all, then. Thanks for the heads-up... the Starfox guys look much better now, good job!

EDIT: all the potential avatars have been switched for gifs. If it's still a png, don't consider it a "submission".

Some Battletoads...







Wanna try this one, Polo? I had a hard time cropping it...


LT: Hmm. The first two look good, but I'd prefer them with a background if possible. If not, or you'd prefer not to, no big deal, as we can roll with these. But if y'all can work something out with crops from the character select screen, let me know.

The backgrounds were originally dark purple for the first two. If you like that better, I'll change it back. What about the last one?

LT: Nah on the last one.

No killer instinct?







These are all pretty bad, actually.

LT: Hahaha! You got it. Yeah, the SNES sprites of that game all looked pretty bleh when it comes down to it. It's amazing how much I liked that game back then, cuz it definitely doesn't hold up now.

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Wanna try this one, Polo? I had a hard time cropping it...


My gut says Larry would call those faces "ugly," so I'll pass on your offer. But I bring tidings via your request yonder (hope you like):


K. Rool staring straight ahead looked kinda blasphemous, so I found a less offensive angle of the pirate-garbed Kremling king.

LT: The Double Dragon guys are ugly, but the Battletoads sprites are ideal. Nice work on these faux-Smash Bros. ones.

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Oh no, I forgot about "ugly"! All of my avatars are going to get that, I just knows it. All that work for nothing...

LT: Not to offend, but the way some of you guys get mentally conditioned by our selectivity... Have some faith, partner! :lol:

You dissed my Commander Keen sprites a while ago for that reason. That's the way they look, I can't help it if they're ugly, they're classic, and the cave story ones made it, so why not mine? It hurt - deep inside, a little boy is still gathering the pieces of a teddy bear torn apart. Oh yes.

Seriously though, the reason I asked Polo about the BT&DD ones was because I couldn't get them cropped very well - their faces are like 5 pixels too big, Pimple way more.

I've made comments to your comments to my previous posts, so go ahead and read those if you want.

I got the background back on these two:

rash.gifpimple2.gif better?

LT: I commented on the new stuff above. As for these here, maybe something other than a black background? The Toads are already rather dark (maybe too dark) and don't stand out well enough from the black background. Also, the images are a little pixelated. Dunno if that's the sprite, but if it's not, let's go for something a little smoother. Thanks for all the new stuff, BTW. I have them and will add them when I can.

It's not black - it's dark purple. But I agree it doesn't look very good. Here's the original...


EDIT: WTF, smileys count as images in the 4 image limit? Gimme a break...

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Well, here's Donatello from TMNT II. Thanks for uploading all the TMNT stuff I posted earlier.


This cropping really sucks, but it's the best I could do.

LT: That was good. Polo had a version that was more centered, but this would have been good regardless.

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I commend you and your conscientious dedication, overseer of OC Avatars. The update put a big grin on my face. (insert emoticon here)

Speaking of yellow faces, here's Pac-Man in-game:


And to be honest, I think my own suitless Samus sub could use some tweaking. Namely, her head and feet cut off, and she's a bit dark. Perhaps this could replace her?

met1_samusnosuit.gif --> metroid_samus_no_suit.gif

I decided to give the Battletoads faces from the BT&DD select screen a go, so I'll post them when I have them ready.

Well, here's Donatello from TMNT II. This cropping really sucks, but it's the best I could do.

Maybe if you centered Don's face more. Like this:


Also, the first "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Raphael" (the darker, closer face) would be from TMNT IV (I don't blame you though; we now have 4 turtles from 4 games, so a slight like that is almost expected).

LT: Tre bueno.

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Yeah! Too bad his Converse shoes wouldn't fit though.

How come all the avatars are in a jumbled order anyway? They're not alphabetical, not chronological, just a mess. Even the recently added ones seem randomly placed. This is more out of curiosity than for the sake of critisism/improvement, btw.

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Erm...? How does this work? Do we just post the avatars we made here? Cause that's what everyone else seems to be doing.

Okay, here goes. I made some avatars from Dynamite Headdy, for the genesis. Good ol' Treasure. The 32x32 restrictions posed a challenge for Headdy's sprites, leading me to crop out the top of his head/bottom of his feet...

Headdy - headdystand.GIF

Headdy Running - headdyrun.GIF

Headdy Panicked - headdypanic.GIF

Headdy Exasperated/Tired/Messed Up - headdymessed.GIF

LT: I'm not gonna add stuff where the cropping cuts stuff out. That just looks bootleg. Typically, you want to resize the image to fit the 32x32 limit. But for these, the sprites are so ugly that it's a no-go anyway.

Silly four image per post limit.

Trouble Bruin - bruin.GIF

Headcase - headcase.GIF

Hangman - hangman.GIF

Beau - beau.GIF

LT: The sprites are uglyz.

The last batch.

Generic Knight Enemy Guy - knightguy.GIF

Twin Freaks (Green) - twinfreaksgreen.GIF

Twin Freaks (Red) - twinfreaksred.GIF

Dark Demon - darkdemon.GIF

FUN GAME: mention twin freaks to ANYONE who has played Dynamite Headdy. Guess how long it will take for them to crawl into a corner and weep softly into a pillow!

LT: Genesis sprites are always dim for some reason. Brighten the Twin Freaks a bit and lemme see them then. Those could be good.

Heh, honestly, Twin Freaks were the only images I cared about. The rest was just "well if I'm doing them I may as well do a whole bunch more." I could care less about the other ones. Cropping = no fun.

So here you go. I'm kind of debating which one of these ones is better...


(they've both been modified from the original...would've put the original as well for comparison, but DARN THAT FOUR IMAGE LIMIT.)

The one on the right seems a little too bright...Oh well, you be the judge.

And as for the Red one...

twinfreaksred.GIF ---> twinfreaksredbright.GIF

This time the one on the left is the original, and the one on the right's the brightened one.

LT: Good deal.

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Marvel vs. Capcom - Onslaught:


Namco x Capcom - Mega Man Juno:


Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts - Arthur in his (Psycho) Underpants:


SNK Gals' Fighters - Athena:


LT: Give Arthur a good in-game background and I'd add it. Rest are bueno.

And the remaining Mega Man 7 password faces:


LT: Thanks for completing the set!

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These are my first photoshop projects of anything, so...

Super Mario 3: P-Wing


LT: I don't recall the pixels of the SNES P-Wing seeming this ugly. Was this scaled down or something?

Dracula X / Vampire's Kiss: Richter crouching


LT: Nah. No need for a sprite of him crouching, plus the size of the image makes having a background weird. It should have been transparent.

I did what I could with 'em for the moment.

...Still looking for some decent images worth cropping of Eric Lecarde from Bloodlines.

I don't recall the pixels of the SNES P-Wing seeming this ugly. Was this scaled down or something?

*laughs* Sadly, yes. Copied, cropped, sized to 32x32. It's not getting any better than that unless I photoshop it myself.

...Second thought, I'm too lazy to even think that. I'll just find something else.

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Pardon me for being slow on the uptake, but how did I get Crash as my avatar automatically? :P Whatever, thanks very much to everyone who contributed to the new icons.

My money's on Arek BTW. *munches popcorn*

LT: Nope.

I actually just now saw this, so sorry for not replying to this sooner.

No, I did not get that for you, but I probably somehow some way influenced it. Even if I didn't, I still want to take credit cause she mentioned me :P

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