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Forum Avatars - RIP


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Finally wanted to give my formal thanks on this (ongoing) project, which has been a huge success. As is somewhat customary around here, it took a LONG time to finally get things implemented. :lol: With the switch to vB solidified and djp giving me some limited but handy admin powers, I'm now in charge of maintaining OCR's collection of forum avatars, approaching 1,000 avatars to choose from.

As y'all can see, the categories have been reorganized, specifically breaking up all the VG-related avatars into company categories, hopefully making it easier to search what's available. Some of the smaller categories like id, Technos and Namco are very ripe for expansion, so I'm looking forward to future submissions helping us out.

I first wanted to thank the UnMod Avatar Project from 2005 for helping freshen up OCR's stagnant collection of stuff. We needed the changes very badly at the time.

For this specific wave of the avatar additions, loads of people deserve credit, more than I can name offhand. There are several people who helped on a larger scale that I wanna acknowledge: Joyzilla (who got things rolling), the late and lamented Nineko (who unleashed his inner crazy and got banned, but we still appreciate), Doulifée, The Coop, Evilhead, SoloGamer, Polo, Andy Jayne, & Gollgagh.

Thanks for everything, bros. Your hard work in particular had helped make the avatar project the success it is. Hope to see more! Everyone browsing the forums, I hope you enjoy the selection around here as well as OCR's deep music collection.

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Amen LT! *salutes* Thanks for taking the time to look over our subs, accepting, rejecting, commenting, and being particular about the quality and all. The end result is a golden collection.

I'm happy to be a contributor / find my subs in the colorful archives / see people* sporting my avatars / read my name listed among the more notable contributors. Many awesomes.

Even if vB's 4-image limit perseveres, I find it's not that big a deal after all. I'd say it forces us to be more judicious with our subs. 8-)

* wormguy - YOU'RE WELCOME :lol:

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Pardon me for being slow on the uptake, but how did I get Crash as my avatar automatically? :P Whatever, thanks very much to everyone who contributed to the new icons.

My money's on Arek BTW. *munches popcorn*

LT: Nope.

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I say you give all credit to Nineko. I tried to submit a Crash avatar myself but he did a better job than what I could pull off.

Yeah, I actually haven't been around much outside running PRC. College life - soon to transition to real life - is starting to get really demanding. I'm doing ok though.

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I noticed two avatars cut off differently. Do these fixes look better?

mother2_robot.gif --> mother2_clumsyrobot.gif

lunar1_nall.gif --> lunar1_nall.gif

Also in the following categories:

Nintendo --> The R.C. Pro-Am car is called "Rcproam Brighter" (in case you wanna change it) and

Square ~ Final Fantasy --> "Ff4face Cecildarkknight" is actually Kain's mugshot.

LT: Thanks, bro. I appreciate the attention to detail more than you know. Everything should be fixed.

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LT: It is when I'm in charge. When you're in charge, you can add all the blurry, ugly avatars you want. :lol:

I'd only add the "ugly" ones. Rejecting avatars based on not liking the game's art style is akin to rejecting ReMixes based on not liking techno.

That said, I've decided to take your advice and announce my candidacy for avatar judge.


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Here's the hero from Abadox (NES):


Kyle Blackthorne from Blackthorne (SNES):


Rubas, end boss of Deadly Towers:


And an enemy witch from Namco x Capcom (PS2):


LT: In order, 1) can't tell what that is, 2) ugly, 3) ugly AND can't tell what that face is supposed to be, 4) YES

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Saw this badass sig from The Shizz, courtesy of matsunami:


Could anyone make 32x32 images of the fighters with their regular faces, with the game background included? Could also be from the matchup screen, if those images don't look bad with a resize.

EDIT: Oh shit, don't forget Mr. Dream. :-)

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Shingo Yabuki and Rugal from The King of Fighters R-2:


Druaga from Namco x Capcom:


And since Evilhead started giving borders (and backgrounds) to some Card Fighters avatars, do you suppose Juli, Shermie, Chun-Li, Kula, and Vanessa could use the same upgrades? To be consistent with the series, I mean.

svccard1_juli.gif (Capcom ~ Fighters)

svccard1_shermie.gif (SNK)

svccard2_chun-li.gif (Capcom ~ Fighters)

svccard2_kula.gif (SNK)

svccard2_vanessa.gif (SNK)

LT: Wasn't feeling any of the 3 new ones (ugly sprites), but thanks for the background updates on the existing ones we had in order to keep the look consistant. Nice work.

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