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Forum Avatars - RIP


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Hey, I'd like to see some Dark Link action going on, and I've got just the two sprite images to do it. They are from Oracle of Ages, when you fight the last boss.



I don't remember if they ever swing swords at you or just walk around like idiots (I think it was the latter), so those are as interesting as those get.

LT: Too small, plus you can't really see them well anyway, since the linework blends into the overall dark color. Gotta pass, sorry.

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I didn't see any.. so here's a bunch of avatars from Golden Sun.


and the rest:















LT: Awesome work. Just going over the ones I didn't select, the cropping on Ramses looked weird, so that it was too difficult to tell what it was. The sizing on Judgement makes the body look too small, plus the transparent background didn't work. Same for Atalanta. Cropping is too tight on Nereid; always a problem for (seemingly) large characters like this one. The ones that stuck to profiles were great. Added, thanks very much!

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. But had to try! Thanks much! :D

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So it's not entirely clear, but can I make my own Dark Link avatar if I base it off the originals? I mean, if those are too dark, and I can make a cool one that is either lighter or looks cooler can I do that?

LT: I mean, if it looks cooler sure, you can make your own, but I'm generally low on images made from scratch, because they tend not to look that good. I'd say base it off the original sprite and lighten it or whatever you need to do in Photoshop, but yeah, you could manipulate the original image.

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SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium - Nakoruru and Leona:


Rockin' Kats - Willy:


LT: Took the 2nd Willy sprite. This group is good to go.

Cave Story - Sue as a human (portrait, unused):


Samurai Shodown - Tam Tam:


Fire Emblem 6 - Demon Dragon:


Fire Emblem 8 - Manakete:


LT: Demon Dragon is a no-go; got no idea what it's supposed to be just looking at it, so that's a pass. The rest are a go!

Most of the Guilty Gear Petit lineup (two games for the Wonderswan Color):


(1st game)

Ky Kiske


Millia Rage


Sol Badguy

(2nd game)

Anji Mito

Axl Low

Chipp Zanuff

Jam Kuradoberi*




* This is already "gg_jam.gif" in the Games: Misc. gallery, but now she has a background like the others.

LT: Thanks for mentioning Jam; I recognized it right away, but always genuinely appreciate the attention to detail. The addition of this group has facilitated the "Games: Sammy" category. Nice work!

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Alrighty. #s 3, 7, 8, and 9 as they were, and #s 1 and 6 with non-brown BG colors...







And here's a few color experiments with the other four. They've been trimmed to 30x30 or less...



LT: The already approved are awesome; good to go!

You're gonna hit me over the head with a plank of wood, but for the other ones, I'm definitely not feeling those BG colors. The contrast is always odd. I blame Taito! I dunno, they may be a lost cause. :'-(

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Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack before the Yoshi's Island character influx):


Favorites can be grabbed from here.

LT: Added the series, thanks! Fixed some mistakes in the character names. http://www.themushroomkingdom.net/ta_pdp.shtml#char

Excellent stuff. Along with the Tetris Attack avatars, these are now in a new category called Nintendo ~ Puzzle League!

North and South:


The top row shows player-controlled ranks (hence the flag backgrounds); bottom row is computer-controlled ("com" in the game). Wasn't sure which backgrounds worked better.

Individuals are located here.

LT: Kinda ugly sprites, but they have their charm. I added all 6 with the Player backgrounds, since I liked those backgrounds better than the Com ones. Cool game choice!

Kunio from Downtown (the Japanese version of River City Ransom):


LT: Bueno.

The Cheetahmen (Action 52 appearances):


LT: Ha, about the only way I'd ever add ugly sprites like these is if they were the Cheetahmanz!

The Kid from I Wanna Be The Guy:


LT: Bueno. Interesting Wiki article.

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All of the Starcraft faces would do nicely... I think. I don't know how big they are though, or if cropping them is a good idea.

EDIT: If these don't need too much work, I can make more... I have a feeling you won't like the brightness (or lack thereof) in these, but they're faithful screenshots from the game. In case you don't recognize them, they're from warcraft II.


Grunt, Troll Axethrower, Footman, Elven Archer.

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Give them all the same level of brightness + contrast to keep them looking like they belong in a group. One way to do it is to put them all in the same .png file (no transparency) and then experiment with the variables until they all look just right.

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Good idea. I'll try that.

Ok, I just noticed that in this game, the images I've been making here apparently take different colors depending on what team you're playing... *sigh*, and so, some of them are blue and some are red. Not good. I'll redo those that need redoing (Humans should be blue, Orcs red, based on the campaign game settings). Meanwhile, I'd like some input on the ones below (if any is good enough, please don't add any of them yet, since I need to redo some of them...). I did as Polo suggested and came up with this. I increased contrast and brightness as well as added some saturation (otherwise they got a little grayish and dead). So... thoughts?

EDIT: They're all fixed now.


So, from left to right, top to bottom... (O = Orc, H = Human)

Grunt (O), Troll (O), Footman (H), Elven Archer (H), Knight (H),

Peon (O), Peasant (H), Ogre (O), Gnomish Flying Machine (H), Knight (H) (alternate, I prefer the first one),

Berserker (O), Elven Ranger (H), Gryphon Rider (H) (I spelled it wrong last time), Death Knight (O), Critter (Seal),

Paladin (H), Mage (H), Ogre-Mage (O), Goblin Zeppelin (O).

Also, here are some that I didn't manage to crop with any good results... feel free to try. They have been brightened the same way as the ones above.


Dwarven Demolision Squad (H), Dragon (O), Goblin Sappers (O).

Bonus: Orc Cursor! war2orccursor.gif Same effects applied here.

LT: Nice work on the brightness fixes. Thanks to Polo for his advice, you definitely took it and ran with it well. Lemme know when you're set on the proper colors and then I'll see what makes it in.

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Also, here are some that I didn't manage to crop with any good results... feel free to try. They have been brightened the same way as the ones above.


Sure, why not. Been ages since I played this game.


LT: See, you have the mindset for it. You definitely picked the best crops here, nice work. I'll wait until David is set, then add what I'm taking into the database.

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Split 'em up again, now that LT approves the brightness level. If you want, you can list the urls in one post to save space.

Also, I noticed even more groups in the avatar gallery: Nintendo ~ F-Zero, Nintendo ~ Mother, and Studio Pixel. :nicework: Larry!

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Dear Liontamer,

It appears my current avatar is gone. If I change it, is it gone forever?



Dear DrumUltimA,

No. It's only gone because you have it currently selected. Once you change it, the new one will vanish from your list, and the old one will reappear.

Backwards Pantless Hugs™ and Hershey's Kisses,

The Coop

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