OCR Talkback Live! (Saturdays, 9PM EDT!)

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A well advertised monthly one with a few featured remixers would probably see more patronage than the weekly format the show had.  


Yeah, I think I'd like that. I watched most talkbacks, but sometimes I didn't bother because I was busy or wanted to do other things at the time. I probably would be more likely to catch a talkback if it were more of a special occassion, like a monthly format. Plus I'd imagine it would be a lot easier to organize and find available remixers.

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Hear, Hear! Is there something that could be done to get this back up and running? Maybe a thread with a petition sort of format? Saturdays are so lonely and the Talkback is a great way to hear the voice of the OCR community and It would be a treat to have it back up and running!

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