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OCR Secret Santa 2013


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Another lurker here...

Participated in last year's Secret Santa, which was GREAT. Count me in! Someone has to represent Europe, right? ;-P

Although I will not have as much time to prepare a gift as I had last year... Well, let's wait and see.

Looking forward to this! Are we supposed to post suggestions here?

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I'm in again this year -- messaging Bahamut now!

Edit: Things I want:

Random Steam games! My Steam wishlist is here for inspiration, but don't constrain yourself if you are passionate about a game: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BardicKnowledge/wishlist/

Music, nearly any kind

Surprises! I'm fairly congenial, so I'm down for most anything.

League of Legends or PS Store points cards, if nothing else comes to mind

If a fellow parent draws me, stuff for Owen, my 1-year old son is welcome -- he currently wears 2T and will move along to 3T sometime in the next six months (yep, he's big).

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Here's my wishlist:

* Surprise me! I'm kind of a nerd, I like pixel art, chiptunes and anything retro.

* My Steam wishlist is here. I'll also be happy if I get other games. I'm more of an FPS guy but I can also enjoy other well made games. Roguelikes (or anything procedurally generated) are a special kind of attraction to me! I like the concepts of perma-death and non-repeating levels

* If you want to gift something video game related, I'm kind of a Nintendo guy, although I also own a XBox360 and a PC (obviously). I'm also considering getting myself a PS4...

* Music... I like the electronic styles. BT is one of my favourites. Then there's of course much love for some resident musicians like zircon, Jillian Aversa and Big Giant Circles (all of whose kickstarter campaigns I backed)

* Movies: Anything really. LotR is my favourite movie ever, but then there's also anything Pixar, Matrix, Blade, Batman... Too many to watch. Sigh...

* Please don't make it too expensive! It's the act of giving that counts. And you still have to pay shipping to Germany (sorry for that)

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I'm cool with whatever people want to send my way. I've got a 360, a 3DS, and a steam profile (Which is here). But homemade gifts are also appreciated and very much welcomed too. I'm a huge Zelda fan, obviously. I also dig Kingdom Hearts, Alan Wake, Fire Emblem, and Fallout. If none of those work for you, I've got a two year old daughter, if you want to send something adorable and videogame related for her (She doesn't really have a preference yet, so anything cute works.)

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Here's my steam wishlist, which gives an idea of my gaming tastes. I have a 3DS and Wii U too.

If you want to go a more advanced route, I'm obsessed with Skies of Arcadia, Valkyria Chronicles (the first one), and Wind Waker. I don't own my three favorite games of all time, and I have no memorabilia >.>

Anything is hugely appreciated!

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Here's my steam wishlist and here's my Amazon wishlist. I'm also a huuuuuge fan of the Mass Effect series so anything Mass Effect related would be awesome. Another OCR shirt or maybe a Day[9] shirt wouldn't be too bad. Shirt size is small. This would also be pretty rad. Plus, I always love creative gifts. Darklink42 gave me an "awesome-pixel-bead-art-link-to-the-past-style-dark-link" a few years back.

You guys rock!

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If we're doing the suggestions thing...

I'm really down with nearly anything. Medium or large shirts/hoodies, games for the Wii or 3DS, something on Steam that can run on an old windows laptop, some cool book/CD/DVD, or heck anything. Homemade stuff is very welcome as well - just surprise me, please :)

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I'm a girl! If you didn't already know that.

Totally cool with whatever, but a couple of things:

Don't send me earrings, because I'm super allergic unless they are pure silver or gold (nickel free and hypo-allergenic are still no good).

Don't send me anything edible, because my diet is so far from normal that it's not even worth explaining what it is.

Beyond that:

My T-shirt size is, let's say M for women's to be on the safe side, S for unisex, and L or XL if it's from Japan and runs much smaller than we're used to in the US. If in doubt, err on the large side; I can always tailor it smaller.

I have not been gaming much recently, although I still play League of Legends on occasion. But I love Mario games (Bowser is the best!) and FF6, FF4, and FF10. I don't need any more games.

I'm also a fan of the Avatar series (The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra), and Adventure Time, to a lesser extent.

I looooove cats and turtles.

I'm not much of a movie person.

My favorite color is mint green.

Seriously, do whatever! I will love it, whatever it is.

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I saw others' posts, which made me think of more things to add.
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I will put up an ideas list too!

I, like Diotrans, am a girl! *shock!*

I wear women's medium shirts, and smalls if they're unisex.

I love kitties and snow leopards. They are super cute!

I'm a fan of Pokémon, and the eeveelutions are generally my favorite. I have a lot of Espeon and Flareon stuff, but lack in Umbreon (he's kinda my third favorite). Other 'mons that are pretty sweet are Arcanine, Luxray, Ninetails, Lugia, and Absol. I don't know many of the new X/Y pokemon, but anything feline is probably fair game as well. And that fire fox :)

I've been playing League of Legends a decent amount lately, so some points there are an option. Alternatively, I play World of Warcraft as well, and am a pet collector. I've got the Guardian Cub and the Cinder Kitten.

Another pretty sweet option would be some gift cards to either Joanne Fabrics or Micheals. I do a ton of crafting and shop there often, especially with cosplay season coming around the corner!

And of course, anything would be appreciated, whether on my suggestion list or not! I'm just excited to give!

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Since we're posting suggestions, I guess I'll post some stuff I like, although honestly, anything I receive in the mail from a fellow community member will be an utter joy! Seriously. Whoever gets me, don't stress. Please!

I read a lot of books. I read pretty much whatever strikes my fancy, but I'm a sucker for sci-fi and contemporary literature.

Though I rarely have time to play video games these days, I'm still in love with game culture. Generally I tend to favor old-school more than current-gen.

Since moving to LA for the film industry, I am less in love with movies.

Obviously I love game music!


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Okay, I'm going in!

* I'm a girl so remember that if you're going for anything specific, though I'm not quite as girly as Amy so stuff like cosmetics and perfume are out of the window. I tend to invest my money more on gadgetry more than anything else.

* Gaming-wise, I have a Wii / PSP / PS3 and all Nintendo handheld devices to date (obviously not counting the ill-fated Virtualboy xD). I generally prefer my games to be more cartoon-like in nature, though do remember that if you live anywhere other than Europe I can only import games for the original GB / GBC / GBA / original DS as well as the PSP and PS3.

* I'm a big fan of PS1 platformers (they to me were my glory days in regards to gaming); it's become obviously evident that I am a HUGE fan of Crash Bandicoot in particular, though I also have fond memories of Spyro, Klonoa and Ape Escape as well. Be careful if you go for actual games involving them rather than other merchandise; last year Shaggy got me a dual cart with 2 games I already had (not like I minded ;)), so you may need a go-between if you aim in that direction.

* Talking of Spyro, I've also been collecting the Skylanders figures as of late. I would prefer that if someone DOES go down this route, they would go for any individual characters currently available that I don't own atm, which... surprisingly isn't a lot; I don't have many of the new Cores introduced in Swap Force as of yet. It would help if you get in touch with me through Bahamut if you do go down that road.

* I'm similarly open for some more ridiculous gift ideas, like some of the others have been stating. Though, be sure to keep the item clean (i.e. no NSFW stuff).

* I also use the USA iTunes store as well as the UK one, so I'm open for gift cards too if you can't think of much else.

* My current shirt size is Medium if you're buying from the states. In-country, it'll probably be a Large.

* If in doubt, there's also my Steam Wishlist!

* And finally my most notable IRC trait; throwing Mr. Saturns at people, which is pretty much my equivalent of a facepalm. (Amazingly, I haven't thrown any Mr. Saturns for some time.)

Yep, most of it is copy-pasted from last year, but you get the picture :)

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added steam wishlist
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Here's my thoughts on what I would like, in no particular order:

I will like pretty much anything hand-crafted, painted, drawn, written, etc. as I appreciate the time and effort put into those things. Things like Perler beads, crochet, resin stuff or the like are totally awesome! I'm looking to start scrapbooking in the near future, so if you're a big scrapbooker then anything in that area would be nice. If you want to get some crafts commissioned then you can probably ask Vilecat or Deia to make something!

As far as food goes, I like cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and white chocolate chip macadamia nut being my favorites. I have a penchant for peanut M&Ms as well. But I'm also trying to work on my diet, so no huge portions!

I LOVE stuffed animals, but at the same time I am kinda snobby about them. If you would give a stuffed animal to your girlfriend/boyfriend minus the lovey hearts and stuff then it'd be a safe bet to give to me! Squishable.com sells some really cute stuffed animals. I recently received the gray cat squishable and it's sooooooo cute! Plushes from games work well (like League of Legends, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon) but they should be official if you're buying retail since unofficial quality is knockoff crap from China. I'd be cool with fan-made stuff! Like Deia, I loooove kitties (as you might have been able to tell)!

My music tastes are rather eclectic yet specific at the same time so I would avoid getting me any music.

I like reading, and the series I'm looking forward to reading is Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. I don't own any of the books in the series. I don't have an ebook reader so if you go this route you'll have to kill a few trees.

I'm slowly learning music theory, guitar, and FL Studio. I don't have specific wants in these areas but anything you think might help will be cool :)

For clothing, I wear a guy's medium and rarely large if the size runs short/small.

As far as gaming goes, I'm trying to wind back on the PC gaming unless it's a casual game. I will have a 3DS!

If none of that helps you, I will still appreciate the thought and care you put into anything that you decide to give me! You can also ask some people around here who know me a bit more personally, though most are only newish friends/acquaintances.

EDIT: Oh, unlike 3 of the last 4 posters, I am actually NOT a girl despite my forum handle. ^^;

TL;DR Easy to read "likes" list: Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, League of Legends, Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, crafts, stuffed animals, kitties, guitar stuff/FL studio stuff, D&D 3.5e stuff

Amazon wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/1LUDDK1KD03EJ

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I guess I should post a serious list since nobody's gonna be buying me a house :< (even though they're only like 9k in the area and I really need one) :< ok ok, enough of that :lol:

Steam Wishlist: http://steamcommunity.com/id/brandons/wishlist/

Amazon wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/1IT1A3H2XXDE8

As we get closer to Christmas I'll be updating these lists because my family will also use them probably... I've already told my family that the overly expensive stuff isn't there for people to buy, it's there for me to keep an eye on, without putting it in the cart.

Apart from that, I like surprises and I won't be disappointed with anything. Some socks would be nice, not the overly long ones. I like egg nog. Please don't send me something I can kill, such as a salamander.

edit: no clothes. oh except socks

edit 2:

Jazz brushes for acoustic drumkit?

Gibralter Grabber (for splash cymbal, etc)

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A few ideas for whoever gets me:

I'm into anything gaming related, but I don't want any more games at this point. I have so many already. I like any video game related figurines or plushes. I also like game related shirts, my size is large.

I also collect various odds and ends. Some examples of what I mean: I have a collection of small metal Samurai figures, some miniature Easter Islands heads, a medieval knight figure, a small bear figure carved out of wood. Any random kind of object is cool with me. Surprise me!

I'm not not sure what else I really want. I do like to read, physical books. I'm into fantasy, but I've been trying to expand out into fiction. I have the first Dark Tower book by Steven King, so I'd be interested in checking out another one of his books. Or if you know of other good authors, send a book my way.

That's pretty much all my suggestions. I'll update this post if I think of anything more specific. Whatever my secret Santa decides to get for me, I'll have fun with it! The giving and being involved in the community is the fun part for me!

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