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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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Wow. I know I added some fuel to this argument, but let's take a step back.

I don't think there are any rules here. Sakurai could mix the characters together however he wants. Who's to stop him? He can make some unlockable and others starters. He can make as many or as few characters as he wants. He could completely forgo the existence of unlocking characters if he felt like it. (Not likely, but I'm just saying.) He could have decided to reveal the certain characters or not. Maybe he's holding back on Falcon and several other characters just to keep the interest piqued around the fans?

In any case, a month from now, all this speculation will just seem like a ridiculous series of arguments over however Nintendo's team feels like putting the game together.

It's fun to speculate, but... oh well. What can I say? We're here to waste time until the game comes out, huh.

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True that Animal Crossing doesn't have it's own character (yet?), but what specific character could be represented by an icon for a system?

Well, the DS icon may very well be a representing part of the built-in software of both Nintendo's newest consoles (DS and Wii), which includes music from the Shop Channel and what-have-you. My bet would be a Mii representing that icon.

Though playing your own Mii is nice and all, I think Sakurai should impose himself as said Mii.

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He could completely forgo the existence of unlocking characters if he felt like it. (Not likely, but I'm just saying.) .

Well, I'm glad you're just saying, and not being serious. After all, Sakurai himself has already confirmed unlockable characters:

When you have a battle mode that runs online like Basic Brawl, the problem of what to do with hidden characters arises. If one of your opponents chooses a character you haven’t unlocked yet, it will be spoiled for you immediately.

But even without this mode, given the proliferation of the Internet these days, the existence of hidden characters is going to get exposed anyway.

So, this time I’m moving in the direction of not being too hung up on hidden characters.

You can earn most characters by playing through Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary.

Don't worry, I'm not berating you. Just setting the record straight! :-P

So, here's my Mii as a playable character idea:

Basically, you have 3 pre-set Mii types to pick from.

1) Speed

2) Normal

3) Power

Each type could have a typical, Mii-related moveset. But, you get to load your Mii in as the specific type you enjoy! This helps to maintain your individuality, as does your Mii's unique appearance (if you use the one that's supposed to look like yourself, that is). I find it uniquely appealing when games let Mii play/race/compete in olympics with my childhood Icons, don't you? Now, I'd like to fight them!

There's your create a character mode for Brawl! Any questions?

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I see what you guys mean, and don't get me wrong, I think playing with a Mii (mine or not) would be priceless. I just think it'd be more appropriate to use the Wii as the icon for the Mii. *shrugs*

I agree with Airwalker. I'm really not convinced that just 'cause there's an icon representing a property that means there will be a character from that property, BUT it'd be cool if you were right. :mrgreen:

I understand that, and I cannot say either you or Airwalker are wrong, cause even I don't know. However, it's a pretty safe assumption to speculate the Mii in of itself as a character.

Also, I do recall My Music DS game was planned to be released on DS around the time Wii was project revolution. It did contain Miis in the said game was well. Of course Nintendo and Sakurai himself knows a whole lot more than us as far as where Miis and icons go or mean. That still does help me feel a bit safer with my prediction. And if anything, I'd like to see a Mii model that takes a few pointers from the M&S Olympics model, like y'know, adding posable thumbs and fingers. =P If I had my way, I'd arm them with giant stylus pens.

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I'm not sure I like the idea of a small, fast character using power moves...

I'd imagine that the body type you give your Mii would be the only factor determining the moveset.

If they really wanted to go for the Mii-fighter idea, they could make [9] (or however many they wanted) different movesets, one fitting each different combination of [3] height levels and [3] weight levels.

Just for a couple examples:

Heavy + tall = slow and powerful.

Light + average = fast and mid strength.


Something like that.

I'm just saying there should be a standard if they incorporate something like that.

You pick the body type, they pick the abilities. Helps things stay not-broken.

Pikmin stage.

For being an idiot who hasn't even played the game, I find it funny that I knew what he was talking about. :wink:

idiots think alike

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He plays exactly like I hoped he would. Except that the pikmins don't do one of damage on impact, but instead, latch on. Which is even cooler (and closer to the game)

This is among the coolest things that have been anounced for the game for me :D


And I think the mii character is plausible, if simpler then most people think. Just one character, with set character traits, that looks the same as the mii that is your favorite.

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hah! wonder how kirby will play after absorbing him

Technically, Kirby wouldn't be able to use Pikmin right? Since he adopts the standard special move of the character he sucks up, which is Pikmin Pluck in Olimar's case, there is no way he can actually throw them. Pikmin throw is the side special move...


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It's going to be pretty confusing with more then one Olimar, since they didn't have the inspiration to do something like lighten or darken a different players Pikmin.

I love the whole throwing and latching thing, seems like we have a good character here.

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Looking at Olimar's Specials, it looks as if he may be getting more out of his Pikmin's power in his normal attacks than his specials. Seems to me most of his specials are geared towards his survivability while he may use his Pikmin to bat away people (like Mario in the first announcement) in his normal fray of attacks, enhanced by the Pikmin he'd currently wields.

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Sorry to go slightly off topic but I had to post this.

Prepare to cream your pants!!!


=D Done and done, good sir!

The only unfortunate thing is that with the $2 shipping, it can take a little over a week to arrive. (Though, I've found those shipping dates to be worst-case-scenario estimates.) So, an extra week without Brawl, oh noes. I better make sure a friend is getting it right away.

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