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MAGFest 8.5, Sep. 12-14, 2014 in Alexandria, VA


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MAGFest 8.5

Fri. September 12 - Sun. September 14, 2014

Alexandria, VA - Hilton Alexandria Mark Center


OC ReMix: Arranging (and Fanboying Over) Video Game Music Since 1999!

Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014, 11:30AM-1PM, Panels 1


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Already locked in.

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Ticket purchased!

I'm willing to host anyone BEFORE and AFTER MAGFest here in DC, but you'll need to find your own room during MAGFest proper. That being said, who's interested in getting a room?

EDIT: Also, are we able to get a block of rooms again?

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Work work and no monies. Have fun guys! Perhaps see you in January.

edit: oh hmm, flights are pretty cheap around that time. If I could split a room with some people I can probably go!

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Aw won't be in town for this, would have loved to go otherwise. I miss post Mag depression!

I am so sad right now.

Ended up getting a hotel room myself. Would love to get us grouped together if possible despite the fact that it seems like there will be a smaller group of us than the regular MAG.

If we can get two more people to split I'm down.

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Sorry, bro! I usually tend to get a room by myself when I can so that I can get enough quiet time at night. Otherwise I'm cranky and unruly which makes for a rather unhappy Shaggy.

No worries, I totally understand that :)

So me and nonamer will be rooming together and we have two more spots together in our room!

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