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Full-length remix album in the works; I need your help

If I were allowed to charge money for my album, would you buy it?  

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  1. 1. If I were allowed to charge money for my album, would you buy it?

    • Absolutely not, fag.
    • I'd need to hear more to decide for sure.
    • Of course!
    • Only if it's less than 10 bucks.

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I'm chthonic, for those of you who don't know.

So basically I'm working on an album. It's going to be neato. The concept is this: Think of the word "Remix". Now think of what it meant before we drenched it in things like "arrangement" and "deviance from the original". Yeah, I'm talking oldschool game remixes. 90s shit. To give you a better feel for the genre, I've made a preview thing that spotlights three of the tracks on the album... get it here.

The reason I am posting this here is to give you all a heads up and ask you to start spreading the word or whatever, but also to see if any of you have ideas about which tracks I should do. I'm looking for C64, NES, and Game Boy stuff to work with, although I might consider SNES and Genesis and even later stuff. Basically, if you have a theme you want to hear actually REMIXED, as apposed to arranged/remade, tell me here. I won't tell you which ones I choose right away, but I might let you know.

Thanks in advance, guys!

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I really approve this concept.

GAME BOY [track # in the GBS]

Tetris [track 3]

Bubble Ghost [track 2]

Wario Blast [track 13 and 17]

Super Mario Land [track 5]

Dr.Mario [track 1]

Snow Bros [track 1]

NES [track # in the NSF]

Super Mario Bros 3 [track 10]

GENESIS [track # in the RAR]

Sonic 3D Blast [track 3, 4 and 11]

GAME GEAR / MASTER SYSTEM [track title in the VGZ]

Sonic Chaos [Aqua Planet Zone and Mecha Green Hill Zone]

Sonic Triple Trouble [sunset Park Zone (Act 3), Nack the Weasels's theme and 3D Bonus Stage]

Sonic 1 [Jungle Zone]

Lucky Dime Caper [The Tropical Isles and The Northern Woods]

Castle of Illusion [Toy Level]


Bubble Bobble [main theme]

Super Hang-On [winning run]

Pac-Land [main theme]

more to come, these were just on the top of my mind

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I would kill for a remix of Lode Runner PC music.

I can get you clips at a later date.

Oh hell yeah. I always loved the jungle theme music!! I always end up playing that short melody snippet when practicing or goofing around on piano/keyboard.

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Dang, way to make me think you'd put new material up, that I hadn't already heard before. Ah! Alright, you put in a few more seconds on Bag It! than I'd heard previously, so I'm happy. I suppose I'd pay a few bucks for a net release, or possibly up to 10 for a real, pressed cd with good art and everything, if there were enough good mixes on it to justify buying.

So yeah. I already knew about this (and have told you that it's an awesome idea several times). It's an awesome idea. Even if I hang out on GYBO a lot too, so when I think of the word "remix", I do still think, "tracks that sample the original but use primarily original samples". Remix in this case being opposed to mashups, which are tracks that sample original songs and use only at most a small quantity of samples that were made by the song creator.

Anyway, I might get back to you on songs later, knowing now that you want them. By later, I mean "next time I feel like listening to OSTs".

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LOL I remember you sent me a folder with some MP3s of this SUCH A LONG TIME AGO

Yea it's awesome

For an NES track you have to remix a track from Journey To Silius and if you do it good, I promise to pay for this album, even if it is $238472938472983747897249 and I explode from bankrupness

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First of all - I LOVE the concept for this album. This stuff would be great.

I would almost definitely buy this album. I love what I hear in the preview.

My suggestions for others -

- The train ride theme from the first Wario Land for Gameboy. (Emphasis on this one)

- Maybe the main overworld theme from Metroid 2.

- You might be able to do some cool stuff with the main overworld theme from Super Mario Bros 2.

- Perhaps one of the main themes from Kirby's Dreamland would work.

Get lots of good and unexpected Gameboy tunes and I'll be happy as a clam. If I come up with any other suggestions, I'll be back.

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