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BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume I - History

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I'm not sure I'll be able to deliver on this, and you can thank FL studio for a botched product. I have had so many problems with FL8 files loading into FL9, I'm pretty thoroughly disgusted with Image-Line at the present moment. At this exact moment, I am 100% unsuccessful at even opening my project at all. I started it in FL 8.5 (which can no longer be used) so it won't load in FL8, and it's definitely not loading in 9, despite running the diagnostic/recovery tool on it about 20 different ways.


There's hope after all. After spending about 2 hours trying every possible work around, I've managed to recover the project. Whew. Man, nothing will get a musician more furious than not being able to access past work. :)

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Alright so I've been a bit behind but due to free time for a while, I should be able to come up with a shiny new Eternal Darkness WiP today or tomorrow because I've ditched the old software, drums and rig for a far better one. I've come up with an intro recently that I think you'll all enjoy, so as soon as I get the new WiP up I'll bump my thread. :)

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Hi guys, this is Dan of The Dual Dragons, I just felt like announcing that our ReMake of Astaroth - Battle with The Fallen Angel from Shadow Hearts Covenant began yesterday. We just finished a Mix for the Wild Arms project that kind of kept us busy for a awhile, but now most of our work will go right into the track for this project. We'll probably have the track in 1 week + -.

Also the title for the track will be: Astaroth's Awakening

Thanks! Keep up the great work guys!


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