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OCR03117 - Final Fantasy VII 'G-R-O-O-V-E of a God'

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Impressive work from all of you! It's cool to see the performance in the video, and I love how they were able to go from Jenova to Birth of a God and back so seamlessly. Excellent arrangement with lots of groove indeed!

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So first and foremost: MAJOR props for the arranging. I love the fact that the arrangment doesn't try to fight the instruments of your group, but rather, works with them to bring your unique sound to the forefront. Unique and a fantastic accomplishment to handle these songs sans guitar and yet still imbibe them with the feeling and urgency that runs throughout! The unique structure of the bass underlying the violin, such as 2:20-2:40, really stands out.

I went and checked out this group after I was so impressed by their effort - they've done some other impressive ones too. I recommend it.

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