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OCR03137 - FTL "Faster Than Rock"

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Sick stuff. Very Chimp Spanner-esq, in a good way.
Maybe you could have cut off a bit of low end from the rhythm guitars to help clear up the mix since there are quite a few synths. Other than that its awesome lml

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Little V!!! I've been a huge fan of this man's epic metal covers for certain SK and Killer Instinct themes (can't stop listening to his cover of Hisako's theme and his work on Cinder is sweet) for a while now, and to see him appear on OCR a few months later is cool. As for the ReMix itself, it definitely follows his quality of playing and arranging, and this rocking metal arrangement is an awesome listen. Nice work, fella!

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Yeah, some neat rock here -- even if the intro was calmer! The performance is excellent, especially with those crazy solos. The breakdown adds a lot of variation in the mix, and overall, it feels very fresh. Not as fast as the title suggest, but as cool as it can be! :)

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This is a really cool, modern piece. Funnily enough, the melodic guitar parts in the middle (around 1:32) reminded me somehow of some more power ballad-esque Luna Sea pieces. :D (Or was it L'Arc en Ciel?) So, somehow, this remix has a bit of a nostalgic touch for me, while at the same time being very modern rock/metal.

Would certainly love to hear more of this stuff!

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