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Lemmy Kilmister dead at 70

The Coop

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Just starting to hear that it was terminal brain cancer that went undiagnosed until a few days before his death. :(

Growing up Lemmy was one of my favorite bassists right next to Geddy Lee and Cliff Burton.  His love of Rickenbacker's 4001 and 4003 series was what made me want to get one back when i was in highschool.  Haven't been this bummed out about a musician passing in awhile but considering the difficulties he had with the last tour he did it's really not that surprising. 


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22 hours ago, The Coop said:


Not a lot more to say beyond Rock In Peace, Lemmy. You might have repeatedly said your band wasn't of the genre, but Metal won't be quite as heavy without you.

I'm glad you posted this. I was going to last night, but I just didn't. Thanks Coop.

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