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Final Fantasy VIII: Collision Course - History

Brandon Strader

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Welcome to the Album Thread for Final Fantasy VIII: Collision Course.


The concept for this album stretches back to 2010 where a tracklisting and title were chosen for what one would have
dreamed would be a great Final Fantasy VIII album. With your help, I'm hoping to make that a reality. Right now is the
recruitment phase, so if you are a posted ReMixer, feel free to make a claim -- first come, first served on any source.
If you are not a posted ReMixer, you are still welcome to join the album roster if you can produce high quality mixes, or
are capable of producing a high quality arrangement and structure, then delivering your stems for mixing/mastering.
Please submit an audition. Mixing/Mastering would be handled by me for anyone who requests it.
There is no genre restriction, however please give much consideration to preserving the spirit of the source.

tldr: first come, first served for posted remixers

other artists, please submit an audition!

mixing/mastering available on request

if it's an emotional piano source, I reserve the right to bounce back your gangsta dubstep screamo mix

Also if you're going to claim something like The Extreme, keep in mind it's gotta be excelsior



ReMixer Works in Progress posted here

First Half

Liberi Fatali (claimed by HeavenWraith)
Balamb Garden (claimed by Chernabogue, Tuberz McGee, Furilas)
Blue Fields (claimed by Chris Porter)
Don't Be Afraid (claimed by Tuberz McGee)
Find Your Way (claimed by Wiesty)
The Landing (claimed by Sagnewshreds)
SeeD (claimed by Manji)
Breezy (claimed by RiverSound)
Force Your Way (claimed by Ivan Hakštok)
Waltz For The Moon (claimed by XPRTNovice)
The Man with the Machine Gun (claimed by Gario)
Julia (claimed by Geoffrey Taucer)
Roses and Wine (claimed by Brandon Strader)
Junction (claimed by DjjD)
The Mission (claimed by jnWake)
Only A Plank Between One and Perdition (claimed by shadowpsyc)
Slide Show Pt. 2 (claimed by bluelighter)
The Stage is Set (claimed by Larsec)
Movin' (claimed by fxsnowy)
Martial Law (claimed by JJT)
Succession of Witches (claimed by Vled Tapas ft. Lord Bif, Na'r't, Dolkins)
A Sacrifice (claimed by Careless Juja)
Premonition (claimed by DusK)
Wounded (claimed by Jackson Alexander Parodi)
Fragments of Memories (claimed by Jorito)

Second Half

Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (claimed by Vled Tapas)
Blue Sky (claimed by theshaggyfreak)
Drifting (claimed by XPRTNovice)
Galbadia Garden (claimed by Trev)
Shuffle or Boogie (claimed by Hashel05, Deiselc1)
Heresy (claimed by Random Encounter)
Fisherman's Horizon (claimed by djpretzel)
Dance with the Balamb Fish (claimed by 
Sebastien Skaf)
The Oath (claimed by audio fidelity)
The Spy and Under Her Control
(claimed by OC Jazz Collective)
Trust Me (claimed by Brandon Strader)
Silence and Motion (claimed by ZykO)
Eyes On Me (claimed by Jivemaster)
Where I Belong (claimed by Cyril the Wolf)
Mods de Chocobo (claimed by Hat)
Ride On
Lunatic Pandora (claimed by Hipnotyk)
Compression of Time (claimed by ZykO)
The Castle (claimed by Fishy)
Maybe I'm A Lion (claimed by Amphibious)
The Extreme (claimed by Jason Covenant)
Overture (claimed by Derek Oren, Jeremy Robson)

Wanna claim something not listed? Do it! 


Once the recruitment phase is well underway and the roster is filling out, details on
WIP dates and other plans will be made clear. Hoping to finish by 2018.
Announced January 28th, 2016

Directed by Brandon Strader with personal consultant BONKERS

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11 minutes ago, jnWake said:

Actually, if it interests you, I could claim the track The Mission, which isn't on the list. It's quite cool :grin:


Also, someone (Jordanius *cough*) should do The Winner.

You could claim it! You're a posted mixer after all, though you would be bringing collaborators in with you too, right? ;) 

Jordanius already did The Winner, but he did it for the FF2 album. I kept asking him to do Victory but mashed up with a different theme from the series, I guess I messed everything up though. I mean I'd love to have him on this album for sure if he stops hiding and comes back..

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32 minutes ago, DusK said:

Taking Callum's advice, I'd like to claim "Premonition".

Yes! Thank you DusK I will add you on!

30 minutes ago, Jason Covenant said:

I'll take "The Extreme".

The gauntlet has been tossed in the dust... this is going to be quite the undertaking, I hope you realize what you are doing here... I'll mark you down!


If nobody else wants Julia, I'll take it

Yes Geoffrey Taucer, I will mark you down!

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27 minutes ago, Jason Covenant said:

My Round 4 remix for the SFRG compo.

Basically, choirs+orch+large beat as the main formula. I was thinking more solo vox and no guitar.

That sounded cool, and featured a lot of the instrumentation I could see you using in The Extreme. It'd be hard to find a guitarist who could cleanly play those lines anyway, so it'll be interesting to see how you tackle them :)

9 minutes ago, Ivan Hakštok said:

Force Your Way is mine.

I actually had a WIP for it since I started working on it ages ago, but it's not up to my current standards so I'll be doing it from scratch.


Ok ;) I'll mark you down! Bring some of that 1st place DoD to the track

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