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South Park

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It's an incredible feat keeping a show fresh after ten seasons. I'm not joking when I say Matt and Trey are two of my heroes.

I second that.

If you had told me I would still be watching South Park in 2007 some nine years ago, I would have thought it impossible. It didn't seem like the show could have a long shelf life. But Matt and Trey have managed to change the show with the times and kept it current, relevant, clever, and entertaining.

The Simpsons, by comparison, were a pale shadow of their former self by seasons 10 and 11.

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What I think gives this show its incredible longevity is how fast and easilly Matt and Trey can get an episode out there right on the heels of when a topic is still very hot, because SP episodes are relatively easy to make in comparison to other animation.

Its also of course, because they're so tongue in cheek with so many of the topics they openly throw out there. When it comes to animated comedic satire I'll always love the Simpsons best, but no one can touch South Park when it comes to satire on current events. Not even close. Its gotten it into its own kind of art.

You could argue yeah, that its mostly shock value. You can't argue against that too much, but just because it is shock value doesn't mean its any less relevant depending on the topic.

There was a story on CNN about this past episode, glad to see some people understand not to take the context of the episode by surface value alone.

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that episode was an istant classic. i didnt even know you could say that word like that on tv untill i saw chappell's show. so i knew it was only a matter of time before south park made some kinda episode using it. and, as expected, its hilarious and somehow educational and moving all at once.

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Anyone remember when Mr. Garrison used the word 'nigger' at the end of the Season 05 episode, Here Comes The Neighborhood?

Mind you, in a great use of comedic timing, the episode ended mid-word... but it was there nonetheless.

That is one of my favorite moments in the series. That, and in the same episode: "T...for...time to leave?" when looking at the burning cross on the lawn.

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