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All Time Hardest Boss

The Coop

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The hardest boss ever has to be either the giant robot at the end of Mystical Ninja Goemon for the N64...

Only if you don't cheat.

My method? Chain pipe, pull 'im in, kick. Dodge a wave of projectiles, repeat. Does about 120(?, can't remember exactly, know it was 100+) damage per try.

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I've been stuck on the final boss of Windows 95 for like two years now..

I've gotten all the secret items in IE, and unlocked all the Registry

features. I even did the side mission where you rename the folders to

get the easter egg, hoping to get an upgrade or something, but

the Kernal keeps kicking my ass. Hell, I can't even get close to it yet.

Does anyone have a save state or like cheat codes or something?

I'd like to finally see the ending after wasting so many hours on it,

because I admit defeat.

I've never played it, but I'm working on Windows 98 right now. I'm only a level 6 MSPaint newb, and I don't have enough motivation points to update my Norton BFAV-6789 Virus Killer, which I need if I ever want to clear the KaZaA Fortress.

I managed to kill Windows 98 by getting no less than 1800 infected files. By that time, the code for Windows has been pretty much rewritten :) Unfortunately, when I did so, it morphed into Windows XP, and is busy burning itself into my motherboard. And to that I have no reply...

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has anyone actually developped a good strategy against him?

if you have please tell :lol:

I didn't know about that shield attack thing. I thought only the regular charged maxed out could hurt him. In any case, what I did was charge up fully in preparation to blast him, if he did that death from above attack across the screen that's really hard to avoid, I maintained my charged state, switched to that chameleon gun, or whatever it was that made you invincible, and then used that to get through the attack, then quickly switched back to the regular blaster before the attack was finished and started charging up again. I used up extra energy tanks and weapons tanks and I barely managed to get through that fight. Very tough.

Other tough fights. The hard version of Andross from Star Fox 64, when he's a big brain. Vamp on extreme mode from MGS2. European extreme? I think not. He's tougher than the metal gears, even if you're fighting 20 of them, because once you get the pattern down, they're not too tough and you it goes quickly. But Vamp...too much.

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Ultima weapon was easy in FF8

simple fact... Lion heart .... done

Omega weaponw as hell hard... since I was level 100 when I got there.. it wasn't easy

DarkAngel from star ocean the second story

even at level 255 it was a good 40 min fight to kill it.. if ya managed..

tho my blood armor trick usualy worked well

Then there is Lapis from Legend of Legiah

no MP.. makes for a hard fight

or Koru from the same game.. 5 battle rounds to rip off alot of HP.. and I dont gotta tell you how hard it was to level in that game..

tho.. if it wasn't for the music.. the boss fights got menotinus

"Attack, Spirit, Heal, Attack Spirit Heal


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anyone heard of super street fighter 2 collection?? its basically a special edition containing super street fighter 2 alpha and super street fighter 2 turbo. anyway, in alpha2, there is a new mode known as the akuma mode. OMG the akuma is freaking impossible!!! he is the ultimate akuma. you cant throw him coz he always tech hits. he counters your every move with an alpha counter, and he teleports behind your fireball. ARGH the last time i played him i could barely take off a tenth of his health... and thats coz of blk dmg.

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That last spaceship in Space Invaders (the really fast moving one) was a hard end of level boss (i guess you could call it that). Also, Master Hand on SSB on maximum difficulty was a challenge.

Trying to destroy the Lucifer in the subspace tunnel with no shields and swarms of enemies in a slow bomber, against the clock on Insane mode in Freespace 1 was also difficult.

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Believe it or not, the Hag 1 in Banjo-Tooie was pretty tough. :P I definitely gotta hand it to Rare for their creativity -- a bear and a bird, facing off against a giant, mobile drilling machine with several built-in laser cannons and two missile launchers, and two monsters in the trunk guarding the main battery. Oh, and a crazed witch driving the thing, who would every once in a while pop open the door, stick her head out, and either fire deadly magic spells at you or ask you random trivia questions about the game. Nice. :P

It was an extremely tough battle, as least for me, seeing as how the vast majority of it plays out in first-person-shooter view (Banjo using Kazooie as an egg launcher), whereas most of Banjo-Tooie is in 3rd-person (other than the final battle, the 1st-person is only used for a couple of minigames). And since I was never a big FPS fan in the first place, it took a lot of getting used to.

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I was perusing the local EB Games a few days ago. They have a good sized used PC section (that's where I found Drakan: Order of the Flame still with the box, instructions and everything), and as I scanned through it, I found a title I remember buying on the Dreamcast.

Bang! Gunship Elite

For those that don't know it, it's a stright forward "hop in your space shit and shoot anything that moves" shooter. Graphically, it still holds up rather well and looks nicer than the DC version (which looked pretty good back then). Well, I was playing through it and I got the the final level.

Can you sense what's coming?

I swear... I have no clue what the hell I;m supposed to do against the final boss here. It's a massive ship that has orbiting satellites that fire at you. It shoots HUGE fast moving missiles that, if they hit or even explode near you, you are vaporware. I've pounded the blue hell out of the orbiting guns, but they just seem to get replaced. I've shot missiles and picked up ammo for your most powerful weapon (the Plasma Cannon) and I've unloaded every shot those ammo pick ups would give me... but I've yet to watch that damn thing explode. I'm wondering if there's a weak point that I'm supposed to hit, but if there is, there's not even a hint as to where it is.

I've pounded this damn thing, and now I have to wonder... DOES IT EVER DIE?!

Damn... talk about nasty final encounter...

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I havent heard much of Chrono Cross here...I say that was one HARD RPG because how strong you were esd how strong you were. You can only level up after a boss. I was actually stuck on the first Lynx for a while...but after a while he became fun to mess around with. OH! and the final boss in Sonic 2. I HATED HIM FOR SO LONG! im hearing Myzar alot.........i never saw him.......

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Wells let's go on from there:

Hardest boss for me to beat on the computer and still remains to be the hardest boss I've ever fought on an RPG Level Is off of Baldurs Gate 1 The end fight with Saravok, He nailed me time after time, after time, till I had to put it down and play something else cause he could always hit me, and slaughter the rest of my party.

For the SNES Well hell that goes to erg, um hmm...I'd say..frm Secert of Mana 2 the Dark Knight in the Glass desert that guy chews you up at high levels and spits you right the hell out like you were nothing more than a play thing.

Nes: Well thats simple for me that goes to As one said before Contra 3

Sega...hmmmm Streets of rage 3 The last boss is that robot, I killed him a cheap way, but I fought him legit as the blonde haired guy, and got whipped, and I'm pro at those games.

Sega Saturn: Tch That would be Bugs.

Oh and Game Boy boss, this is the olden age when it came out first..the bulky ones..Goes to Final Fantasy Legend 1, and thats the last boss btw.

I'd list more but I feel that I'd only look like an ass.

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Mundus in "Dante Must Die" mode in the game 'Devil May Cry'. If you try Dante Must Die mode and don't buy many powerups, like all the life you can get, or vortex, Mundus will kick your ass non-stop.

Castelvania 1. Death. ugh.

side note:Easiest final boss ever is Yu Yevon in FFX. you can not die during the fight! He brings you back to life!! WTF!

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I was playing an old Saturn game Darius Gaiden... a boss from which I mentioned some time ago here (the crab from Zone "X"). Well, I found a second boss in that game that really does deserve mention. I'm not sure which zone it's from, but it's a really big sea horse.

This same boss has appeared in G-Darius as well, but the 2D version is just plain mean. Many of your shit simply bounce off of this things body, and the one place you can do damage is very small... and multi-staged. It fires bullets and laser beams in sloqly changing angles, but at the same time... this way they make a hectic pattern that you gotta either avoid and do no damage to it, or try and dodge through so you can do damage. The Black Hole bombs are nearly worthless beyond just sucking up the many shots so they don't kill you for a short time, and the damn thing just never seems to die.

I eventually beat it, but it deserves to be here.

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Vwee! Post 1000 on this thread.

I still say Zeromus from FFIV is the hardest final boss ever.

I'm trying to kill him right now. Stupid hard type, there's no way to keep

your characters alive through that battle if you don't spend hours levelling up.

Steal his Dark Matter, heal non-stop with Rosa, and use Edge to throw everything you've got at him. You can also try summoning with Rydia if you ever get the chance. :P

Personal picks? I can't think of any *impossible* bosses, but Seymour Natus did give me a lot of trouble. Vagrant Story's final boss sucked, too...good thing I saved up on Vera items. I've heard things about Kingdom Hearts' Phantom, too.

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