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All Time Hardest Boss

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So, the Onimusha trilogy has made a pretty good reputation for itself on the PS2 wouldn't you say? I've really had no interest in the series until I actually was told by some reliable sources to check it out. So, I picked up Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. I haven't played the first one yet, and someday sure I'll get it, but as of now I'm not to worried because I'm pretty sure I have an okay grasp on the story.

So! The game provides a decent challenge throughout. Magic attacks will be your best friend in this game, without them...the game would take sooooo much longer. Anywho, all the bosses provide an okay challenge, but then you get to the big kahuna himself, Lord Nobunaga. He immediately transforms into a demon and the battle starts. He starts off on the ground just like you do, and while in this state, I found that he could not be hit by regular sword attacks. He blocked everything I threw at him. So, one-by-one, I went through my four weapons and hit him with all my magic attacks until he took off in the air. This is where the fun starts. He will then unleash a possibility of four magic attacks on you. The easiest to dodge is a lightning based attack where he sends four circles on the ground at you, and wherever they stop lightning strikes them. Easy enough to dodge, just run away from them. He can send up to three sets of four at you. His next move is to hurl four or five rocks at you. These are a little harder to dodge because they move really fast, but still simple if you just run. His third attack is to send a large tornado your way. The tornado itself is really slow, but travels a long distance before it dissipates. Make sure you are about fullscreen distance from him and you'll be fine. His final magic based attack is a ultra-fast downward strike towards you that when hitting the ground shoots up icicles from the ground in front of him. This reaches pretty far in front of him, so make sure you're far enough away or you'll get damaged and partially frozen for a time. Also at any time during the fight he can engage you in regular swordplay, either diving across the screen at you with some extreme force or just slashing at you. All I can say is block, block, block. Finally, you'll beat the dude, but is it over? Of course not! He then fuses with his big ass statue to become huge statue thing.

For this round, you're in your transformed state as well, and all you can do is shoot lasers that automatically target something you have to destroy. The battle is also a head-on fight, with the boss behind you and you in a third person perspective looking behind Jubei. You have five targets total, two legs, two hands, and the head. The legs do nothing, just run at you every now and then, which is easily avoided by running away, same with the fire breath the base shoots, just keep running. The right hand will shoot four or five fireballs at you, which sort of home in on you, but can be avoided by running from one side of the screen to the next. The left hand, once it lightens up, will make spike pillars shoot out of the ground at various points. These points light up on the ground, so they're easy to spot too. The head can also shoot two lasers at you. These can be hard to dodge, because they move to pretty much where you are standing, but go real fast and are hard to dodge. Once you destroy the hands and legs, the head starts sending out some skulls to have some fun with you. The first wave goes in a straight line off the screen, then come back and turn around in front of you to emit some sort of gas that damages you. The second wave start off in a formation in front of the statue's face. Then, they start dive bombing you left and right. These are kinda hard to dodge, especially when you have both waves of skulls coming at you, and he decides to shoot some lasers as well. Just....keep running around and get your shots in when you can, and he'll fall eventually.

[Edited for redundancy]

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You said, you had to gloat (WHAT?) You had to pat yourself on the back (WHAT?) You were proud of yourself out loud (WHAT?) You had to show everyone else up (WHAT?) You had to show off (WHAT?) You had

Anyone remember Dark Link from Zelda: Ocarina of Time? DAMN, I hate that bastard. Everyone was like "Just use the hammer!" and you know what? I used the hammer. And it didn't work. He either used his shield to block it, or stabbed me before I had a chance to connect. Then everyone told me "Damnit, man! Just use magic!" and you know what? I used magic. I spun around with my flaming magical sword so many times that it made me dizzy. Then I ran out of magic power, realized I had no green potions left, and died. Then they're all "No, you ass! The OTHER magic!" so I used Din's Fire. The bastard STILL kicked the shit outta me, because I kept running out of fooking magic!! I swear to God, that little Dark Bastard still pisses me off. Because, for some unknown reason, he suddenly became massively easy. I finally connected with the freaking hammer, and then it was child's play. He never came back from that first blow, I just kept whacking him before he recovered. Go figure.

Dark Link was incredibly easy. I don't know why you found him hard...

No kidding, I just pwn3d his ass with that fire bubble magic.

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The final form of the SA-X (forgot the name) in Metroid Fusion was pretty fusterating.
Not to flame, but I remember that being one of the easier bosses for me. How about that big rockmonstertypething and the Omega Pirate from Metroid Prime? (Haven't played MP2 yet)

I'm not gunna go through 119 pages of this to see if it's already been suggested, but why don't we nominate two bosses, and argue about which one is better? Minus the flames, of course.

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All-time hardest boss... New-school, anyway, I have to go with both Mach Jentra and Great Redips in Megaman X Command Mission.

Jentra, at the level I fought him, was so very, very frustrating... He's FAST, and he's a TANK. The second time you fight him (Late in the game, like every other Mega Man game in existance, duh), he's hella-easy. It's embarassing, really.

Great Redips. Oh dear GOD. Between his Momemto Moria (Inflicts EVERY status effect on the party all at once) and his Carpe Diem (Depletes all of the party's Weapon Energy/MP), he was really annoying. Not HARD. Just frustrating.

Just say you get up to 90% Weapon Energy with X. Great! Next round, he'll be at 100%, and you can shift into the X-Fire hyper mode and whack him with a Charge Collider for STUPID amounts of damage.

BAM. Carpe Diem, buddy. NO W.E. FOR YOU!

I don't like that guy one little bit.

But perhaps the most frustrating part about MMXCM is ... NO NEWGAME+!

I am sad.

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I'd have to pick Shao Kahn from MK Trilogy for hardest boss, at least for me. My cousin and I just cant beat the bastard, and I play KoF games on a regular basis so I'm used to cheap bosses, but there is no beating the mighty Kahn.


Really? I've always had great trouble with beating Kintaro however , the precursor fight to Shao Kahn in MK 2.

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Ninja Gaiden...must of been said in 120 pages at least once.

I must of finished over 1000 games in my life, and, the last boss in that game was really hard.

Doom 3's last boss at nightmare is quite a pain, but nightmare isn't supposed to be balanced.

Castlevania 3 was the hardess versions of dracula, the first ones last boss was tough with no trick too.

Zelda's hardess, Link's shadow...zelda 2 :P

Megaman, yeah rockman megaman 1 and last boss.

Bubble bobble? nah...but, princess tomato's last boss was one heck of a good paper, rock, scissors challenge.

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This is an easy one for me. In Shinobi for the PS2, as you beat the game, different difficulties become available. It goes from Normal to Hard to Super. At first, I thought the final boss on Normal was hard. Then I got to Super. It took me roughly a year to a year and a half to finally beat the final boss on Super! Sometimes, I would die 30 times a day, 7 days a week. Finally, one sunny morning, I figure what the heck. I'll give it a another whirl. It was lookin' pretty much the same for the first 10 deaths. Then, suddenly, I realized I had depleted 90% of his energy. Then... 95. And then, the moment of truth... with one final shuriken to the bastard's neck, 100%. On that day, I felt better than I had for a really long time. He was truly the hardest boss ever.

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After having my time taken up by a lot of school work, this Christmas break gave me a chance to get back to a few games I was in the middle of enjoying... one of which, is named Alien Hominid.

Besides having a great visual style and fun, old school gameplay, this game also has a few bosses that can be a real pain... one of which, is the one I reached before I had to put it down for school work. On stage 3-3 if I recall, there's a huge two armed robot that moves on tank treads. It's got six variously sized guns long it's top and shoulders that fire different types of ammo (all of which must be destroyed), it's rather large hands are great at pounding you into the ground and flattening you between them, and it fires quite a bit as you're hopping around trying to avoid being grabbed (which is easy to get out of), shot, burnt, squished and generally killed. It's a fun battle, but goddamn did I have to redo that boss quite a few times because of its head blocking my shots.

The other boss, is the final boss. I won't say what it is, but know that it takes place on several battle grounds, and while I enjoyed it, it was hard. Just when you think you've won, you got a whole new battle to endure. It's probably one of the longer, and more diverse, boss battles in a game like this. On the ground, in the air... it's a fight to be sure. I'd love to tell about it, but I know it's a new game, and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. So, just know you've got a fight waiting for you... especially if it's on anything above "Easy" :lol:

Edit: Spelling

Edit2: Even more spelling

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