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All Time Hardest Boss

The Coop

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You thought Dr. Wily was hard in MM4? Figh Dr. Wily in MM7.

heh, i wouldn't call him hard, beat him without using subtanks.

his second form was predictable as hell. the only thing that even bothered me was getting frozen - and that only happens when i don't pay attention.

and i wouldn't say any RPG boss is hard...unless there's a limitation to experience points, all the bosses are easy, it just takes time.

MMX7, on the other hand...the whole game was just a friggin hassle to deal with...mainly due to poor game design.

Yea... it was almost imposible to grip onto platforms at times and fucking Glide mode would turn on at the worst instants for X...

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Warning: Sarcasm and Minor RE4 Spoiler Alert!

The all-time three hardest bosses, in order of appearance in time.

1.Sephiroth's Final Form from FF7 (Regular Sephiroth)

2.Mysterio from Spiderman 2 - The convience store battle!

3.Salazar from Resident Evil 4 - He can hit you everywhere!!!


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I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I'm not good at Diablo. In fact, it could be easily argued that a suck at it. Now, I know what you're thinking... Diablo isn't that hard. Well, he was hard enough, but he's not the boss in question. The Butcher is.

I kid you not, I don't know how many times I've died on that guy. You open the door, out he comes with his taunt, and then he just proceeds to chase you around. He can't throw anything, he can't cast spells... he doesn't even have a projectile weapon. But I'll be damned if I could beat him... for a good while. By the time I got to him, I always seemed to have very little in the way of life replenishers, and I could never get more than a single swipe or arrow in on him before I had to turn and run again for a while. It was getting to point that I kept expecting the Benny Hill theme to start playing.

Now yes, I did eventually beat him, but not before I had every last bit of my Diablo dignity beaten out of my gaming pride.

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I haven't read the rest of this thread, but I'd just like to say that the only boss I never had the willpower to beat, was that goddamn blob at the end of the incredibly long "random dungeon" side-quest in Lufia 2.

So you go through this incredibly long dungeon full of random crap, and you start it out with NONE of your equipment and ALL levels gone, and the whole point is to build up from nothing, beat the last boss, and get some special prizes, like a miniature game within a game, except that the prizes help you in the real game. Some really good equipment.

Thing is... the last boss has a set amount of HP and you have only a few turns to kill him. Meaning, if you went through that entire goddamn dungeon (going from level 1 to higher than you are outside the dungeon), and didn't get powerful enough for him at the end, you are screwed! I spent days working through the dungeon in what I considered an "optimal" fashion (cheating with state-saves to try for the best random factors each step) and he owned me, over and over, no matter how many ways I tried it.

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Dracula X goes behind Castlevania Adventure and Chronicles as one of the harder ones I have played in the series - not unmanageable, but requires a certain amount of memorization and creativity. That's due in part to regenerating enemies like the Medusa heads and bats appearing in abundance throughout the levels - particularly irritating when you're jumping around on moving gears in the Clock Tower level while attempting to get in a shot a Skeleton Spears, who have a large range and the ability to block your projectiles. The level finishes off this crescendo of pain with the only thing that could conceivably be more annoying - Death.

The first half of his life bar is spent doing his standard technique, except that he can now slow you by touching you and his scythes have varying speeds. This has enough potential for annoying, random hits in and of itself, but the second half of the fight gets much worse. After spending a moment with his arms spread and mouth open as if enraged, he jumps onto the platform, pulls out a scythe, and starts swinging. At any point, he can jump up into the air and spin at you with his scythe extended. To avoid this move, you have to be walking away right as he starts spinning at you, THEN jump and barely clear the edge of the blade. If he gets you next to the edge, the only thing to do is hit him repeatedly and hope he backs off instead of gutting you right then and there. When he feels particularly nasty, he may send out a salvo of homing sparks, then do the somersault. The backflip may be useful somewhere in all this, but chances are good that you'll just end up sliding off the ledge or into another attack. Groan.

And, of course, if you run out of lives, guess what happens? Hope you don't get too frusturated by being randomly hit and juggled by a bat until it finds a convenient pit to deposit you into.

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I don't know if this counts, but I've been playing Tales of Symphonia. Which i think is a wonderfull game!! :)

BUT!!! here i am ready to fight the final boss, but before i want to finish off the side quests, i have 3 left.

One consist of fighting Abyson (spelling?) related to the Devil's arms. I'm at level 75 and he has 120,000 HP he freakingly can KIll me in one farking shot!!!

so i go try if i can level up with another side quest.. The UnderWorld. I end up going into this strange book that has tougher enemies, which would be a great place to level up.. only thing is you CAN'T leave until you beat the boss, you are timed and you don't have save points!! after spending 2h doing the first 10 levels...i meet this boss... when i finaly beat him.. (a good 30 mins. later...) i thought it was the boss... but no!!! it's a mid boss and i didn't have anymore and i was game over...

so basically i lost 2 1/2 hours and 4 levels :evil::evil::evil:

By then i gave up on the third side quest... and tried to fight the final Boss.... surprisingly too easy!!

It's a good ending but those unrealisticaly hard side quests put a down to it i find... especially that there wasn't a good efficiant place to level up...

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