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MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

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I'll be performing with The OneUps this time. Swing on by if you want!

Had a great time at MAG, and it was great hanging out with all the OCR peeps! I'm also glad I went to the panel, there are a couple new projects I still need to go download. Good stuff.

Hey guys, Another update--I'll also be performing with Austin Wintory on Friday, and for the GANG remix competition with DiscoCactus, and I'm doing a panel about making big collaborative arrangem

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Hey y'all!  I'm gonna be there!

What's on the docket this year? Late night PPR discussions in real life? Profanity-laced pancake breakfasts? Nuking forums for bad behavior?

On the real though, when's the OCR workout? When's the OCU concert? When's the panelz? I probably could look all this up, but I'm lazy.



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4 hours ago, RealFolkBlues said:

On the real though, when's the OCR workout? When's the OCU concert? When's the panelz? I probably could look all this up, but I'm lazy.


OCR workouts will be when we can fit them in, but ill for sure make announcements in the discord meetups channel. Be prepared for Nandos-fueled GAINZ.

THere isn't an official OCU concert, but I just reached out to MAG staff to see if I can sneak in a Jamspace DJ set, i'll keep things updated here. It'd be cool to have our own secret show. :-)

Panels TBD, but it will involve me bench pressing @Nabeel Ansari, so please look forward to it!

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The MAGFest schedule has gone live in the Guidebook app for iOS. The app is obviously on Android too, but some of my old buddies in the Metroid Metal community mentioned last night that something is buggy about the schedule on that side, as an advance warning. I imagine it will be fixed pretty soon.

OP post has been updated with the OCR panel names and times. If anything else happens event-wise (like, say, a last minute OCU Spring Break dance party in someone's room or something), I'll continue to edit the post as necessary.

Nine days to go! GET HYPE

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EDIT: Rooming situation resolved.  Splitting the hotel room in Alexandria with a friend.

Anyone still need a room for MAG?  Or have space in a room?

I currently have a room in the Holiday Inn Alexandria, two queen beds, and a quick 10 minute drive from the Gaylord.  Planning to Uber back and forth rather than deal with the headache of MAG parking.

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2 hours ago, XPRTNovice said:

I remember there being some concern last year that we weren't going to be able to get an OCR suite this year as a gathering place for all of our brood. Will we have a suite this year? 

No suite this year unfortunately. There's a small block for OCR rooms but that's about it.

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Ok, so popping in for my annual visit!

Both me and Jenner will be there at MAGFest this weekend. I'll try to hop onto Discord so I can chat there with folks.

Also, I've updated the guide to the National Harbor again -- not a lot's changed (the MGM Grand hasn't really changed anything on the Gaylord side of the harbor. and there's 4 new restaurant options), but that's good to go here:

See you all in a few days! KF

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ferris wheel in National Harbor:



who is this strange man in my bed?? (with Bradley Vanderhoef)



Retro Gaming Jeopardy:



Jeopardy contestants (including YouTuber SomeCallMeJohnny [the right-most contestant]):






Igneous Rock Pie cosplay at the Tiny Waves PJ Chiptune Rave:



Another photo of Igneous Rock at the PJ rave (complete with a wild @Flexstyle):



Last day, at Thai Pavilion restaurant:



I spotted the 10th Doctor!



Chillin' with Trab Naxes:




more to come...

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