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I think he's having fun since there really couldn't have been a point to that except to stir something up - but I think everyone agrees with that one.

Also, because it's Neko.

It was a response to not being able to find people with ClanOCR.

Thanks to the awesomeness of X-Box Live, you never, ever, EVER have that sort of problem.

Edit: for example, I am in #clanocr (or, what its current incarnation is CAN'T TELL YOU NYAH NYAH), but games almost never get organized there. It's another chat channel now. But as soon as I logged into Street Fighter II HD on X-Box Live, I got an invite from atmuh to play, and played with a bunch of OCR people. Just from logging in to the service, it automatically announced that I was playing the game to my friends, allowing those who were also playing to say "hey let's play with that guy" or even if they're playing something else to see me and say "hey I want to play that game let's play it".

Nintendo Wifi? Pffft... good luck, pal.

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Yeah, if it wasn't for the fact that I bought GH3 for Wii (at my family's behest), I wouldn't have been touched that little white console in ages... Which is sad, really. But I'd hate to go back to such a single-player-minded console. I mean, I love SP as much (probably more) than the next guy, and forgive a game for crappy -- or no -- MP fairly easily, but Nintendo has really turned away tons of players (and their cash) with this stuff. I've admired Nintendo for ages, but they've always been strange about certain things. So it's 360 for me as for as long as I can tell.

Anyway, nice to see you're not(/have stopped being) the reactionary jerk I remember you as from years ago, Neko.

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What I fear is that with the runaway success of the Nintendo Wii (seemingly in spite of it's failings), it's going to become the standard business model for the industry going forward.

I don't see Microsoft or Sony adopting Nintendo's strategy any time soon. The business models are radically different.

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