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Merry Christmas, from the denizens of UnMod...

The Coop

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Yes, from the bowels of OCR's dungeon, come the merry wishes of those who frequent what has been called a pit, scary and an abomination to OCR. Sure, we've given newbies a reason to fear coming in... the many Internet horrors that've been posted there, the links that were made to surprise unsuspecting people into clicking them, the flaming sessions, and even enough randomness and utter chaos to cause some folks to leave for weeks at a time. But UnMod isn't just about the stuff that's not wanted on OCR's front page, grossing someone out with images or topics, or trying give the moderators a migraine. No, UnMod is filled with people who, just like everyone else, enjoy the holidays... people who like to share that merriment. And it's this, that brings me here in the early morning hours of Christmas day.

On behalf of DJKarma who began the project this year, myself who helped edit/fit the images together, and all those who signed it...


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