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Looking for a good book!


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This is now the good book thread. Post about cool books others should check out!

I'm looking for something good to read during homeroom, etc - preferably sci-fi (maybe fantasy!). I'm also looking for these things in it.

1. Easy to find at a book stores

2. Interesting (swashbuckling?) - something that is fun to read through the whole book, epic, but doesn't pull a Peter Jackson (long and unnecessarily drawn out)

3. Action packed!

4. Good comic relief would be fun

5. Not Star Wars or Star Trek (I have plenty of these!)

6. Mostly self-contained - I don't want to have to buy a million books to finish it up

Thank you for your assistance, feel free to recommend stuff that does not exactly fit these criteria, I know that's pretty specific.

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Unfortunately, my ride to the Borders appeared early and I was unable to read any but the first reply.

Then, after spending 30 minutes looking and needing to go home and do homework, I realized the book I had chosen was the third in a trilogy. So, I grabbed the first Neal Asher book I saw, Cowl. Looks odd, here's to hoping it doesn't suck!

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today i read through half of Kurt Vonnegut's "Hocus Pocus"

it is not action packed, per se, lest you count human interaction as action

i cant describe it since i havent finished it yet but there are things that made me grin like a motherfucker and that is why i love vonnegut

EDIT: oh looks like you made this thread useless before i decided to post

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Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. That meets every item on your list.

Also try Gridlinked and The Skinner by Neal Asher.

EDIT: Wow, that's a lot of Neals.

Aw man, snow crash is immediately what popped into my head! In other words you beat me to it by a long shot.

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Look into Jack Vance.


Good place to start would probably be Tales of the Dying Earth (for fantasy), or Planet of Adventure or The Demon Princes (for sci-fi, although Vance's sci-fi is very different from most sci-fi).

Honestly, Vance made me throw out a lot of the stuff I had been reading. It's gotten to the point where I find it very hard to enjoy anything by any other author. The few who I do enjoy are usually authors who were inspired by Vance (Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun comes to mind), or who inspired Vance himself (Lord Dunsany, Clark Ashton Smith, P.G. Wodehouse).

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Seconded. The first three books "The Chronicles" are absolutely friggin awesome.

3rded. The Chronicles were the first fantasy books I've read when I was in elementary and they rocked. Also, it doesn't hurt to read the books of "everyone's" favourite dark elf, Drizzt Do'Urden, by RA Salvatore. I've only read one book of his, but I loved it.

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