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Spotify playlist of OC ReMixes

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Since we don't publish ReMixes or albums to Spotify (since it's a commericial platform and we don't own the music or do song licensing with the game companies), we need to offer a curated playlist with whatever OC ReMixes are available via other publishers.

Do you have some to offer for inclusion on this playlist? Please share any & all Spotify track links of OC ReMixes, whether they're yours or others, and we'll pull something together!

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Mine that CAN be licensed:
The Definition of Insanity (would require @Treyt posting it it to Spotify)
Hallucinatory Province (will be on a future comp album)
Down the Rabite Hole (will be on a future comp album)
Song of the Desperado (planning to bundle all my FF8 tracks together in an EP.)

Mine that CAN'T be licensed:
Hope in 8

None of these are on Spotify yet.

I'll browse over some other artists these next couple of weeks.

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Someone that knows this stuff well enough should do a write-up on how to release remixes properly licensed on these services. I know there's info out there, but this is where it's relevant, and not all info out there is.

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