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Spotify playlist of OC ReMixes


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Since we don't publish ReMixes or albums to Spotify (since it's a commericial platform and we don't own the music or do song licensing with the game companies), we need to offer a curated playlist with whatever OC ReMixes are available via other publishers.

Do you have some to offer for inclusion on this playlist? Please share any & all Spotify track links of OC ReMixes, whether they're yours or others, and we'll pull something together!

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Mine that CAN be licensed:
The Definition of Insanity (would require @Treyt posting it it to Spotify)
Hallucinatory Province (will be on a future comp album)
Down the Rabite Hole (will be on a future comp album)
Song of the Desperado (planning to bundle all my FF8 tracks together in an EP.)

Mine that CAN'T be licensed:
Hope in 8

None of these are on Spotify yet.

I'll browse over some other artists these next couple of weeks.

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Was this playlist ever made? I would love to have it saved in my library. Especially great for games with bad to no music to play in the background, and I'd have to do some research, but I think this all falls in the "stream friendly" category of music.

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On 6/3/2023 at 2:29 AM, Rozovian said:

Someone that knows this stuff well enough should do a write-up on how to release remixes properly licensed on these services. I know there's info out there, but this is where it's relevant, and not all info out there is.

Well here are a few tips based on some grueling experiences I went through licensing my tracks, hope they help.

To start, I use https://soundrop.com/ as my distro service; it's not as fast or as friendly as it used to be unfortunately (live chat disappeared in favor of a slow ticketing service, for example), but I still get monthly play reports and it's great about regularly adding (and including your materials) on new platforms as they become available.

As to licensing the music, here's the kicker: they require proof of a U.S. release of the original track. That means before you even want to try licensing something, see if the source soundtrack album exists on Apple Music or Amazon (the two they put the most stock in). (That part also used to be easier, but the restrictions changed a few years ago.)

If you can hunt down an ISRC (album) or UPC code (track), even better! Musicbrainz.org is a great resource for that. For example: https://musicbrainz.org/search?query=Grim+Fandango&type=release&limit=25&method=indexed 

Each track you want to license gives you a spot to include a write-up, so come with everything - track title from the game, composer, soundtrack title, official album release links, codes... you'll be in good shape.

If the track you're licensing has multiple source tunes, be prepared to include both in the description.

Sadly there's a ton of material I couldn't license after maaaaany attempts, because even though I could prove US game release, note the production company and show the Wikipedia article, there was no official album. Doom 2, for example. I found some album records online but if you look closely they say "bootleg" as the "status" and that doesn't work well. Not official enough.

Anyways I hope that helps, take care!

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Added to that: be careful that the arrangement still has to be considered a cover, and if you’re very liberal with your arrangement, that may become a problem. Not that I’ve seen that myself, but I already vet the ones that I think are too liberal and simply don’t try to post them.

Another big one: original lyrics are a no-go. If the source track has lyrics, you can use those, but anything with your own lyrics won’t fly. To be safe, also for stuff like choirs and so on, stick with the regular oohs and aahs (even though you might possibly get away with the single phrase here and there).

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