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Game Set Mash!! (GSM1) - Final Fantasy SNES vs. Final Fantasy PSX


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Welcome to the first ever Game Set Mash!!, a new team-based longform competition format for the OC ReMix community!

Current Status

Game Set Mash!! 1 has come to an end, with both teams earning 27 points by the end of the competition. Congratulations to everyone on such a close competition. Fantastic work.



  • Each submission is worth 2 points, and each victory is worth 2 point. A tie results in 1 point for each participant.
  • The scores for Round 1 are as follows
    • Team SNES - 3 submissions + 2 victories = 10 points.
    • Team PSX - 3 submissions + 1 victory = 8 points.
  • The scores for Round 2 are as follows
    • Team SNES - 3 submissions + 1 victory + 1 tie = 9 points.
    • Team PSX - 3 submissions + 1 victory + 1 tie = 9 points.
  • The scores for Round 3 are as follows
    • Team SNES - 3 submissions + 1 victory = 8 points
    • Team PSX - 3 submissions + 2 victories = 10 points
  • The total scores are as follows
    • Team SNES - 27 points
    • Team PSX - 27 points

Team Rosters

  • Team SNES: Yami, The Vodoú Queen, colorado weeks, Aeroprism, ZackParrish, Xaleph
  • Team PSX: pixelseph, H36T, paradiddlesjosh, Emunator, Hemophiliac

How does the competition work?

  • Participating remixers will form 2 teams of at least 3 members each.
  • Each team will be assigned a set of 3 games.
  • The competition lasts 6 weeks, with week-long mixing rounds alternating with week-long voting periods.
  • At the start of the mixing round, each team will choose and reveal 1 source tune from each of their 3 games.
  • Each source will be paired with another source from the opposing team, for a total of 3 pairs.
  • Each team will be responsible for writing 3 remixes for the week that combine (or mash) both source tunes in each pair.
  • At the end of the mixing round, we'll upload the remixes and have a community vote.
  • Voters will vote on the 3 remixes that did the best job of mashing the two source tunes together.
  • Teams will accumulate a score based on how many of the community votes they win.
  • In the next mixing round, we'll rotate which games get paired up with opposing games.

What are the rules about teams?
I want to make things easy and accessible for people to participate, so there's no maximum on team size, but I will be asking people to do their best to even out the teams once we have all of our participants signed up. Unlike previous competitions I've run, there's no rules about who has to be a primary arranger for a track from week to week. Teams will be free to organize and determine how each of the three remixes gets covered. Using your teammates for collaboration and feedback is highly encouraged.

What are the games we're remixing?
For the first GSM, one team will be SNES Final Fantasy games (FF4, FF5, and FF6) going up against a team for PSX Final Fantasy games (FF7, FF8, FF9). Almost any song from these expansive, legendary soundtracks is allowed, save for a few exceptions: specifically, songs that show up in both SNES and PSX games, like the Prelude or any variation of the Chocobo and Moogle themes. When your team is picking sources at the start of the remixing rounds, pick something unique to each game.

This seems like it'll take a long time, when does it start?
I'm aiming to gather interest here on the forums and in our Discord and I'd like to start in August, depending on if we can get some sizable teams. I would love to have around 6-7 people on each team to really get the spirit of collaboration going.

I'm happy to answer any more questions. It's been about 4-5 years since we've done one of our bigger multi-round competitions. I'm hoping to see some new faces in the mix. :)

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3 hours ago, Hemophiliac said:

Would the teams be randomized or would participants need to form them ourselves?

I'd like to allow people to form the teams themselves but I'm going to enforce some team balancing. If we have 10 people participating, it needs to be 5 people on each team. If it's 11, 6 and 5. I would ask people to volunteer to switch, but if nobody does, I'd move people myself.

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7 hours ago, Jorito said:

The timing probably won't work for me (bunch of deadlines/deliverables in August and holidays abroad in September), shame because I loved the earlier competitions DS did. Will still be eyeballing it, even if I can't actively participate I might be around in a more supporting role if needed.


No you fight me right meow ?

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