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hey and for communication's sake...

anyone got any other decisions from the panel they resent?

we're all old and grownup about this stuff right, so let's just have a ball.

you can also name your own submissions, all is fair game.


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I don't have any qualms with anything because almost all the tracks don't link the original (I remember reading it wasn't like that before but after deliberation this was the best course of action). Concerning the track you linked, I was unfamiliar with the original so I went and listened to that (and other permutations of the theme that seem to exist). If I had to guess, a major aspect of why it wasn't accepted must have had to do with the composition effort. I don't think its wrong to simplify things but the original seems to have a lot more going in terms of writing and thematic structure. A lot of that appears lost here. What we get instead is a pretty straight forward lukewarm hard rock take with some pretty middling tonality too.

I'm sure there are folks who do enjoy it but I think, even as hobbyists, the bar for creativity is much higher at OCR than is displayed in this piece. I would take that a step further personally and say that goes especially for anything pure rock. I think its both a blessing and a curse of a long lived community that continually has new contributions. As more and more people try to bring their take on it, the skill levels displayed and the attempts at creation become more, well, skillful and creative. I wasn't here in 2009 but I was listening to OC Remixes and I think maybe this wouldn't have met the bar then and I would say it definitely wouldn't meet it now. 

That being said, I'm not a judge, I'm also technically your junior here as a fellow ReMixer and while I respectfully disagree, I can also see why maybe you'd feel the way you do about this song. Maybe the thread is here somewhere and I can read their thoughts.


edit: found the thread and (years later lol) I seem to have echoed some of the judges thoughts. Very much simplified and a bit (in the most neutral sense of the word) uninspired in terms of creativity. They loved the big ol' riffs though.

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I didn't vote on this but the production quality is an easy bar for this being accepted, as is the cutoff ending which makes it sound incomplete.

Aside from that it's very conservative, using similar instrumentation and an arrangement that only differs in how often it loops material, so that'd probably also knock this one down, too.

There are tracks that I respectfully raise an eyebrow to the overall decision (every judge has their opinion, it isn't always easy to make a choice!), but with due respect this isn't one of those tracks.

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i know it isn't, especially today. i think this was submitted in 2003ish though, and i loved it back then. still like it. always wanted to make a good starcraft terran remix since.

i just randomly came across it on youtube and thought hey, why not make a stupid thread. i think it has a lot of mojo for being such a simplistic semi - cover, and it would've been well liked. i know that's not what ocr is about, ofc.

maybe someone else can think of something. i used to listen to many other failed submissions back then...

sometimes the passage of times changes things a lot. maybe a judge has some choice tunes that didn't make it but became absolute favorites of theirs.

one thing i always thought is that if a remix is very similar compositionally but has exceptional "mojo" for lack of a better explanation, exceptions should be possible. not that i'm saying this mix is it - just in general.

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hey larry, thanks for the encouragement. reading that made me happy.

i got nothing to send in. my last musical productivity burst is 4-5 years back, and it was all originals back then.

in case i regain my musical marbles, i sure have a few remixes in mind. tunes i wanted to do well forever. starcraft terran music is a good example. that stuff is hard to do justice.

i'll probably have to do a lot of fun and easy stuff to get to a level where i can do the kind of (OC) remixes i envision, again. back in 2008 it was OLR that made that possible. today...i gotta find my own projects to get me back in shape. maybe this winter. crossing fingers as well.

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