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Welcoming some new staff members!


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I'm happy to announce a couple of staffing changes here at OCR. First up, I wanna welcome @Hemophiliac to our Judges Panel! Hemo's been putting in the work for the last few years as one of our Workshop Evaluators, and has also stepped up in the past few months to handle a lot of the visualizers for the remixes you see on our YouTube channel. He's an active presence in our community and has a lot of helpful advice in the Workshop. We're glad to add him to the panel. Look forward to getting some fresh new NO votes on your tracks!

Speaking of Workshop Evaluators, a few months ago we retired our Ready for Review process in the Workshop because we felt that it was a cumbersome extra layer of evaluation prior to submitting to the Judge's Panel. Our Evaluators did a lot of great work over the years but we're retiring that role. In it's place, we're introducing our new team called Sages! Sages are active artists in our community who'll be in the Workshop giving feedback on remixes, posting tutorials, and coming up with their own ways to revitalize and energize the Workshop. Our three new Sages are @Xaleph, @pixelseph, and @paradiddlesjosh!

We're glad to have some fresh faces on staff, and I'm personally looking forward to seeing what these folks have in store for us.

-- DarkeSword

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It's a huge pleasure to be fulfilling this role!

Over the coming weeks, you'll be seeing my mug replying to your posts in the workshop and (if I'm doing things right) I'll be providing you with means to make improvements to your writing, arranging, and/or mixing. Can't wait to hear more of what y'all have cooking out there!

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19 hours ago, Liontamer said:

The Sages have been killing it with their Wednesday night Office Hours sessions on Discord! If you're needing musical feedback and growth advice, y'all gotta be in there. :-)

Can't emphasis this nearly enough, this is worth more than a dozen paid online courses! Where else you gonna get tailored advice on your remixes by community veterans, judges and even the mighty LT, in live and direct? If you're enthusiastic about VGM, arrangement and music production, come hang with knowledgeable and kindhearted people, learn a thing or twenty and go home a winner. ?

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