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Guitar Hero 3 Songlists


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Yes. If you have a Blockbuster near you, they've been known to rent copies of the game and guitar controllers, so you can try that first if you want to be sure of the investment.

But yes, you should bother.

Cool, i'll just hop on a plane to the nearest Blockbuster. It should be around 3000 miles, methinks. ;)

Sure, if i'll ever see a copy lying in a gamestore, i'll pick it up.

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I'm surprised no one mentioned the Dwelling of Duels page where there are tons of remixed game tracks that utlizies the e-guitar


OCR is a great resource for tracks but tends to have a mix of all genres, where as DoD tends to have alot of rock/metal reinterpretation/covers...

Couldn't hurt to ask them to use their tracks...

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Do you know how many songs you could fit on a 2GB SD card?

Srsly, it's kind of a lot.

yes but nintendo is too stupid to realize they have that storage and for some reason other developers dont either

i really dont see how you could get this on anything but 360

speaking of which WHERE IS MY FREE COPY

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Most online places aren't going to be able to even ship GH3 bundles for any system other than PS2 for a few more weeks. I believe the general consensus is that most of their warehouses are receiving copies within 2 to 6 weeks.

it comes from amazon and it was preordered for me from there

amazon is also back in stock

i should have it SOON

i just want it NOW

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I'm surprised that no one has said anything about how awesome The Cliffs of Dover is. It's been my favorite song ever for like 15 years. Is the dragonforce carpel tunnel that important to you guys (I say this because it kicked my ass and I now sit shamed in the corner)?

While it is a great song to play, I was much more excited by "When You Were Young," "Reptilia," "Helicopter," and "Cherub Rock."

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Is it possible to play the 360 GH3 with a PS2 guitar? Using a PS2->USB adaptor. I really don't like the feel of the 360 guitar and hit hurts my wrist when I play the hard stuff.

One of my friends called me and asked me this today. But he was refering to Rockband. That's kind of a fun coincidence.

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