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OCR01545 - EarthBound "Home Again"


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Here's what I've never understood: most of those commenting on this track, including myself in the original writeup, have been quite positive.

One person comes along and is rather negative. For the sake of argument, let's leave the issue of whether they have their head up their ass on the table and just say that they do.

Suddenly, comments are made like "This is why I'm reluctant to post on OCR" or "I hope Dale still posts his stuff here", etc.

Excuse me? Do our opinions not matter? Does every environment have to be completely sanitized of all questionable criticism for it to be worth contributing to? As disrespectful as comments about mixes often are, I find it equally disrespectful when the entire site, or more specifically everyone else commenting on a particular track, are minimized and categorized unfairly, and lumped in with one or two others who may be uninformed, ignorant, or may simply have a dissenting opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when people stand up for their work, especially when there's technical points of contention like there are here, with auto-tuning, that are just outright wrong. I've done so myself. But I hate to see one or two people's opinions suddenly outweigh the majority and suddenly jeopardize future submissions; a world free of dissenting opinions, which will often be goofy or just downright ignorant, would be a world that would have to make too many other sacrifices to sterilize itself. OCR won't ever be that world; I don't think any other sites will, either. I think such expectations and generalizations are unrealistic and unnecessary.

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indeed, i am tired of seeing my friends flee the scene so it is a bias issue when i say what i said. however, i am with the djp... a substantial portion of the experience in this scene is rooted very deeply in criticism. the function of the panel, the WIP forums, the tech forums, the review threads... all these migrate to one central intent: the best criticism we can muster to give the aspiring artist.

am i upset with souliarc for criticizing dale's track? no. was his commentary innacurate? yes. is that the problem? no. is the total lack of tolerance the problem? YES and i mean it as a resounding YES.

as much as i feel for my buddy dale, i also am aware that "quitting" the scene is not the solution either. i know dale well enough to know that it isnt the criticism that spun him off but rather souliarc's attitude which, without a doubt, was annoying as hell. i mean... stop already, guy - the interaction was one taxonomic branch removed from a troll.

less filler. more music

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The thing that pleased me most about this song were the details. Dale North shows an incredible capacity of polishing things, making little adittions. This is gives the song an certain aura of maturity, the arregment is very solid, sets a very clear direction, the build up to the vocals was perfect, I wouldn't be surprised if Celine Dion strated to sing on it (thankfully she didn't, Dale did).

Very nice, very professional, very polished. Excellent.

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You even assume that other people assume. I don't know you, so go figure I wouldn't take a comment like that with a grain of salt. Expect it.

i did not assume anything. i called your defensive reaction perfectly. i didn't assume that you should have known what i was doing ... simply that you are thin skinned and overreacted

if i mentioned my "usual dose of edge," i was merely making conversation. don't expect it.

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This is by far one of the more beautiful video game remixes i have ever heard. I've been listening to the "scene" pretty avidly for years and I rank boundtogether as my favorite collection. This piece in particular is one of my favs from BT. I wholeheartedly agree with DJ P about the need for earlier vocals. Mr.North, as much as you may say otherwise, you have an amazing voice that many people here love hearing. (tust me, I managed to watch some of those american idol tryouts that have been on TV. So i KNOW what bad is...)

Thanks again!

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I like this one a lot. very good singing from Dale North. auto tuned, or not.

And to put My 2 cents into this argument let's once again ask the question.

"Did or did not Dale use auto tuning?"

My answer can be represented by quoting Capt. Ed Murphy from Lethal Weapon 2

"I don't give a fuck. That's why I don't have an ulcer, cuz I know when to say 'I don't give a fuck' "

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He was only explaining that manual tuning is used more often than auto-tuning. He never said he used it, and for the record, I changed my argument to "pitch correction" after my initial post.

My argument must not be so "outright wrong" either if so many people are on the fence about it. Thanks for the ridicule and labeling me, guys :) As much respect as I have for you all, and yes, including zyko :-/

dude, why wouldn't we have respect for each other? this is not a respect-related matter. i didn't mean to come across as ridiculing you so for that i apologize

i just felt this was a topic that was going wayward and tried to help bring it back onto course. my whole point was that if the man said he didn't, then he didn't - we don't have to play remix police. i have no ill will towards anyone.

so in oft-spoken words, its all good.

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I dearly loved this song the first time I heard it, mostly because Pollyanna from the Mother Vocal CD was one of my favorite songs, just for its unyielding optimism and faith in the future. It was always a message that resonated with me.

I wasn't sure if there was going to be a Pollyanna remix on the Bound Together project when I downloaded it, then I got to Home Again and was just totally blown away. It was just such a sensitive, slow version of the theme after I wasn't sure I would hear it all. Just when it was winding down, the words came back and reminded me of the song and the message in the song that I loved so much and tears came to my eyes.

I have so many memories associated with this song, and the remix tapped into all of them in a way so much more...sad than the original? I think that's what I'm going for.

Much love for this song.

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First of all, the singing was great. I've heard a lot of remixes with vocals in them, and this one has to be one of the best. Nice work, and I hope to hear more in the future.

However, the song itself isn't exactly my cup of coffee. It's nice and okay in the background, but to me, it just sounds too much like a song from some 1990s Disney-movie. Which isn't exactly a bad thing when it comes to production quality...

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1st post! And I'm glad I can dedicate it to this remix.:smile:

This is just an amazing mix. The first time I heard it, it gave me goosebumps. I agree with the argument that the vocals could have come in earlier, but nevertheless good work!

Great arrangement, great sound and a great voice!

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Nothing bad to say about this track at all except I'd like more of north's sexy vocals.

This song is great, but Im constantly waiting for dale north to suprise me with something that breaks away from his typical style. I'm sure he would come up with some great results with a little experimentation.

Heh. That made me laugh.

Anyway, I love this mix. It's cool, refreshing, and always manages to inspire me. Listening to it makes me want to make beautiful music too.

It's totally worth listening to.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01545 - EarthBound "Home Again"

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