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The Damned

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There's some later sub-event stuff that ends with a fight with Gauche and Droite (like a lot of backstory in this game, it's optional events you have to dig into), not to mention nine "ultra side bosses" who respawn, "unlockable" challengers in the coliseum (letters-of-challenge characters + four cameo bosses), the final boss's third form, and a huge bonus dungeon that contains most of the aforementioned bosses plus other story ones. Seems like a fair amount of challenge to me.

Good info. I'm still puzzled why Tales games puts so much stock into unlockables instead of making the actual quest filled with the progression of super monsters and more practical use of higher level fighting styles (level 4 Overdrives are basically overkill with the exception of super bosses).

I still can't believe how rote the final hours of the game's story was. It felt like the game could have taken way more interesting turns, but nothing much to show for it. At least the character interactions make it all worth it. Even if the characters don't get much to work with near the end.

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Some status immunity accessories would probably help. The bastard inflicts status ailments like no tomorrow. Heal poison, paralysis, or contamination immediately. If you have Rita in your party, take her out. Her spells are too slow and the boss can teleport at will. Raven or Karol can act as a supplemental healer to Estelle. If you still have an open party slot, I recommend Judith for raw damage. Repede's only necessary if you want to steal from him.

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Actually, Repede could be good in the final battle if you have his Speedy Item (I think that's the one) skill. Whichever it is, it allows for item use with zero cooldown, which would probably be useful if you're having a lot of trouble. Repede's defense kinda sucks and early on he's rather useless against aeriel enemies, but he eventually gets a lot of varied artes as well as unique skills, plus he's the fastest character in the game.

Set the Immunity skill to everyone who has it (it's fairly common for everyone to learn) so as to lessen stat changes if you don't want to use accessories. Karol's pretty reliable with Nice Recovery Smash despite primarily being a melee fighter. Raven's Love Shot, with enough uses, can heal three people at once without any casting time. If you're using Estelle, have her use Cavalry just before casting.

Rita can be particularly vicious if you're controlling her; go into lvl 1 Overlimit and you can spam spells repeatedly (with skills like Resilience and Spell End, she's pretty much broken), often building up enough hits to just go into Overlimit again the second it runs out. As the boss can teleport, you needn't worry about aiming or missing with spells like Tidal Wave or Meteor Storm - the former especially, while not heavily damaging, will keep him staggered, giving you some breathing room or a chance to beat on him. Or, if your melee fighters have him pinned, Gold Cat, Violent Pain and Crimson Flare can rack up tons of hits fast, refilling your OL meter easily.

Also, keep in mind that if you've done the Fell Arms sidequest, you're in for a third fight after the second.

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I'm SO gonna make you hurt!

Blah blah blah TIDAL WAVE!

Blah blah blah METEOR STORM!

Blah blah blah CRIMSON FLARE!


<3 Rita. Even if she (alongside Estelle's Holy Rain and Raven's Havoc Gale) mauled the 360.

Still feels kinda cheap that I could get a 227-hit combo with a single spell from Rita whereas in Symphonia it took a coordinated effort from the entire party to hit 186. Here multiple characters can do infinite combos all on their own.

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So I've finally finished Infinite Undiscoevry and wow what a ride it was. Loved it from beginning to end. Let's get into it, shall we?

For starters, it's a Tri-Ace game so that should give you an idea of its pedigree. The plot is rather unique(at least to me) in the sense that it doesn't really on the same elemental schtick like so many other JRPGs tend to do. The characters are all very likable and believable, and I think it has some of the better voice acting jobs I've heard in awhile. Nothing stellar like FFXII's work, but still a nice job nonetheless. I actually found the protagonist, Capell to be very endearing and Aya, the female lead, to be very different than your standard fare in a good way Although there is one drawback to the characters being that there are just too many of them. I think the total was around 18, and while they do have motives and such for being in there, it just seems like a lot. What's worse is that several of them can only be used as secondary party members, which means that you never actually get to use them. Oh well... At least I get to use my samurai and ninja.

The graphics are nothing like anything using the unreal 3 engine, and yes the character animations seem like they're straight out of last gen, but some environments are simply stunning and nice to look at, and complaints withstanding, it's still a nice looking game.

On to the nitty gritty of it. The entire game is in real time. There are no pauses between anything including the main menu other than during cutscenes or by actually pressing the pause button. combat as thus is real time as well. Enemies appear onscreen and can be attacked or avoided at will. However, be careful as if you're surprised, you'll lose certain things such as AP which is used for tossing enemies up for aerial combos or down to the ground for ground combos. You can also surprise enemies yourself to gain xp bonuses as well as critical damage boosts. You can only totally control Capell in battle and have full use of his combos, finishers and skills, however you can "connect" with other characters in order to use certain abilities in battle. Certain skills also have uses outside of battle like Aya can shoot down far away objects, you can ride Gustav, and Komachi can pull inaccessible items to her and open locked chests.. You can also give your characters generalized commands such as save MP, spread out, or wait.

As to be expected with most Tri-Ace games, there's a pretty decent crafting system and plenty of secrets and side-quests tossed about here and there. If you are an avid fan of JRPGs and RPGs in general and can look through the minor faults of the game, I'm sure you'd be able to enjoy it as much as I have.

Happy gaming.

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Happy gaming.

I love you! I've been going on and on about getting this game but nobody's said anything good so now you gave me a legitimate reason to spend money!

Now if my X360 would be back from repair.. It got RRoD suddenly when I started Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for the first time. Sure it's a 2005 X360 Core but still :/

Ah well, at least the warranty covered it (since I bought it new in february this year where I work for like $100).

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