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holy crap, i'm engaged!

prophetik music

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You are a very lucky man. I hope you know I wasn't trying to sound negative about your fiancee with the whole bridzilla thing. I'm just also going through the same phase you are right now with planning our wedding, and I was trying to be funny....but it didn't work..... :(

EDIT: actually to comment on when you asked about my last name. Every once in a while my fiancee Ashley jokingly asks, "Do I have to change my name to Wiener?"

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weird, I couldve' sworn the last time we talked many months ago, you were getting engaged. And now I see you're getting engaged. :?::?::?:

if you notice when this thread started, man...

Wait... you're not black? Man, why didn't anybody tell me?

wait, you thought i was black? because i play sax, or because i'm poor? (sorry, i had to get that in there)

(Hehehehe! Brahms was born a Hamburger and died a Wiener, hehehehehee!)

ahaha music joke!

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