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holy crap, i'm engaged!

prophetik music

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yay for old threads.

i promised to update when i had more info, and i shall. the wedding will be officially occurring on saturday, July 12, 2008. it'll be taking place at a church near where she lives (think Jamestown NY area, just into pennsylvania) with the reception at her house. and the afterparty will be at an unnamed hotel, so you fags can't barge in and laugh at me.

we've decided on a variety of light and dark blues, and white, to be our colors for the wedding. she's apparently already found a dress, and i'll be getting a(nother) tux with some sort of light blue vest and tie. its going to be a small ceremony - 120 people, probably no more than one or two groomsmen/bridesmaids outside of the best man and maid of honor. because of the large size of our families and the (as of yet) restricted guest list, i think that only a few trusted (lol) friends will be attending the reception, but i think that there'll be room for any mixers who feel like trekking into the wilds of northern PA. i think. not sure yet. i'd love to see some other mixers besides the few that i'll be inviting to the reception show up =) i think that right now only stevo bortz and taucer are invited on my section of the list. we'll see beyond that.

and for the record, the best classical arrangement of the wedding march gets played at my wedding FO SHO!

for those of you that don't remember or know...

goodcop.jpg <ME

Linneaatletchworthlowerfalls.jpg <HER

i only look like that sometimes. generally i look much less dressed up. i don't like tuxes.

more info as we have it! we're working on the menu, and we're going for our engagement pictures sometime this week, so i'll post them when we've got them.

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Ah, Prophet. Congratulations to you and the wifey to be. I never thought that the OCR community would feel so much like family to me, but I'm like, way excited for you.

yay for old threads.

and for the record, the best classical arrangement of the wedding march gets played at my wedding FO SHO!

You did NOT just make your wedding into a PRC competition!!


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What am I, a wildebeast? Jesus, Brad! :P

But is she really smaller? I'm only 5'2" and 112 lbs... My hands must be smaller, at the very least. ^_~

sorry, pixie. i wasn't trying to offend. but she is a little smaller than you, she's about 5'1" and around 105. just a little =)

as for he wedding march, lemme clear it up. i don't care what song you remix, but it should sound like a wedding march. like, big and grandiose and in a major key. isn't there one in ffx?

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