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Death Note

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Death note is mega awesome. Kubus is my favourite subber, followed by Animanda. Only on ep19 because of some pact to watch each ep with a friend who is away for ages. Monster's a very different animé. I watched it all in the space of about 3 weeks which was probably not the way to do it. Monster compared has A LOT more filler. In fact I can only think of 1 or 2 fillery DN eps which were 9 and 10 which even then had significant plot stuff. Those two are my favourite animés though.

Any opinions on the new (for me, anyway) intro music and video? I've come to love it myself, even more than the first one.

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I already read and saw that part but way to spoil, jerkface.

The show goes downhill from here.

Fixed to avoid spoilers. Anyway *spoilers* I believe the rest of the story takes place years later when Light has almost taken over the world *spoilers*

Monster compared has A LOT more filler.

Filler? There were only a few episodes of filler in Monster, of a 74 episode series. The old English couple; the lonely doctor in the village; the illegal Asian doctor; Gun training (1 and 2); the multicultural celebration/assassination; the black market doctor with Heckel; Eva's sexual exploits...

Damn, Monster did have a lot of filler.


Any opinions on the new (for me, anyway) intro music and video? I've come to love it myself, even more than the first one.
At first I hated it, but after a while I began singing it "hey hey ningen SUCKER, ah ningen ningen *expletive*" It fits better with death note in a way.
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Top notch anime/manga. It's insanely well done, the dialogue is perfect, the action is balanced and semirealistic, with the world believable. It's definately a winner.

So what do you all think of it?

I want to collect the manga. First saw this in the monthly Shonen Jump that I collect. Very interesting.

However, right now, I'm collecting Bleach, Naruto and I'm planning on collecting Scryed. (And if anyone ever pronounces it S-Cry-Ed, you're a freakin' moron. Period. Seriously, what moron says it phonetically? It's SCRYED!! Even the MANGA is spelled properly.)

Sorry, didn't mean to rant in your post. Just needed to get that out.

I'm caught up on Bleach, I've up to volume 18. I only have the first three volumes of Naruto, but I plan on getting three more volumes this week yet. My best friend has up to volume 12. There's also some other manga that I'd love to have caught up. Love Hina is one, I thought it was cute, figured what the hey, right? Also, since I enjoy the Yu-gi-oh! manga over much of the anime, I want to finish collecting the Duelist series, then start Millenium World. I've got the original Yu-gi-oh! manga series.

I've also got a few miscellaneous manga. But anyway, enough for now. Death Note rocks, I'll collect it.

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Well, I didn't know Light was going to lose his powers...hopefully that's just the tip of the iceberg 'cause I'm spoiled for it now. :(

That's what I get for reading the topic then.

A friend of mine told me that I should read Death note. Well, Barnes and Noble didn't have the first volume...but I did see a manga that was pretty interesting instead: Monster

So, yeah, ya'll bringing up Monster is pretty funny considering the fact that looking for Death note is what lead to me find Monster. I don't read manga. Monster is the first manga I have ever bought in recent memory and I have no objections against it. I go to B&N almost every Sunday and read a volume so I don't have to spend 7.99 on it. I'm cheap like that.

I love Monster because it's everything I don't expect from a manga or anime for that matter. It's doesn't get too out there besides the whole

let's raise the next Hitler!

explanation that seemed a bit too...I don't know, "tight" of an explanation to me, although I realize how little sense that makes. It's taut, suspenseful, and rife with characters I actually care about. Characters that don't last a single volume are portrayed with such candor that they still matter despite how short their tenure in the series is.

...Okay, I've gone off track. Death Note is really good. I'm at a disadvantage however; ya'll can go download the anime or view on youtube, I'm reduced to hoping that the volumes are available. Although it does seem to me that Light is the epitome of a self-righteous jerk. I just got to the part where he killed

Raye Penber.

I thought Vic Mackey was two-faced or House M.D., but Light has a monopoly on that.

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Episode 25 has really split fans down the middle. On one hand it was so amazingly well done it has to be one of my favourite episodes so far, on the other I don't see how the show won't feel completely empty from now on.

I just watched 26-29 in one sitting and I'm still making up my mind whether the show has or looks like it will get back onto its feet. One problem that a friend and I agreed on about it is that it seems like Light is just simply getting away with too much. Not in the sense that it's not believable but it seems to defy any sense of morality or justice, in a bad way. It has begun to feel a bit like a masturbatory exploration of how awesome and smart and lucky light is. There is no conceivable punishment enough for him. Though it could just be the one-sitting thing, the last few episodes felt very rushed, I heard 29 was in fact 7 manga chapters put together. The show has always been relentless, but it's seemed to lose a sense of pacing now.

Still, it took me a while to warm to a Second Kira and Yotsuba, but I did. I'm hoping I might do to this too, but I have a feeling the only way I will is if something of what was lost in 25 manifests itself again in fashion, even though that's pretty much impossible.

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^ All I can tell you is that you should just keep watching. I think the pacing of this anime relative to the manga is EXCELLENT. In fact, I prefer the anime because the manga had SO MUCH TEXT on every page. The second arc is quickly approaching its climax, as there are 7 episodes left in the series. The entire series will end up quite nicely.

I really like the music in these last few episodes too.

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I've read all of the english Manga thus far, which includes Volume 11 (of 12) that came out this week. It is the best Manga I have ever read, followed by One Piece and I"s. I caught a few episodes of the Anime before it got lisenced, but then I just stick to the Manga.

It certainly did tend to look "too easy" for Light for a while and he gets very over-confident as time goes on, but I don't see this ending well for him. Near and Mello are awesome and I'm rooting for them all the way.

But I've been able to avoid spoilers almost completely as I've read through the series and have not partaken in much internet discussion of it due to those who have read fanslated Manga to the end. The next 2 months will be extremely difficult.


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I've read up to 79 in the manga (not all of it, just the stuff since about ep23 onwards) and I'm amazed by how much they've left out of the anime. The show seems really rushed. I am still enjoying it, however. I've magically somehow remained spoiler free for this series, though I did read something on the youtube comments section that I thought had completely ruined the series for me and it turned out to be reffering to the film version (which is pretty different from the manga/anime).

On topic of music: I quite like N's theme. It's impossible to keep both that and L's theme in your mind at the same time, kinda like with the pink panther and james bond.

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