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So this Haloid fan movie is storming the internet (and digg, no less) and it prominently features yours truly. I think the movie, considering the budget ($0) and the staff (1) is a staggering achievment. Sure, there are rough spots all over the place, and some of the coreography is fitfully derivative. But on the whole, it's very damn cool, and it's got me in it, so that should seal the deal.

Directors commentary: I had *nothing* to do with the planning, production, or publication of Haloid. Dood evidently liked my music, and put it in the end credits. I'm not entirely sure why he chose that song over a laundry list of better metroid songs (made by me or otherwise), nor am I chipper about the editing he did on said song. But its free publicity, and he had the rare compassion and generosity to list me twice in the credits.

So, enjoy!

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I've thought for the last year or so now that Master Chief and Samus Aran should get married. But this wasn't *quite* how I'd envisioned it.

Looks like there heading to San Francisco... Or The Netherlands.

I liked the video for the most part, but I am getting a little tired of the constant Homages to the Matrix movies, there great movies and all but come on how many times can you beat the same horse before it gets boring?

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