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A new game, Sword of the New World.


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Hey all, there's this new MMO coming out from Korea called Sword of the New World (www.swordofthenewworld.com for the English site.) and the English beta is coming out fairly soon, in fact that site just got revamped and forums added.

But I came here because I love the game's musical score. There's over 126 tracks to the game, and I really enjoy the majority of them.

http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=N5877W50 (Yeah I'm not a big fan of megaupload myself, but I didn't make the link.) there's a link to one of the CDs (out of 4) from the OST. No worries, it was okay'd by the official K2 staff at the forums. Heh. I was just posting this in the hopes that a remixer here would notice this game and maybe give it a shot. (The music, that is.)

http://game.sa20.com/bbs/standalone/ge/images2/xz/yy/odyssey.mp3 and http://suganet.org/~kocsi/ge/granado_espada-kubota_osamu-odyssey.mp3 are some quick examples of the dungeon music. Some people love it, like me, and some people not so much, but I figure someone's bound to enjoy it.

So that's pretty much it, I've been going to this site for years and love it when great scores are remixed to be even better, I haven't posted on these forums much except a few Wii/Zelda discussions, so yeah, that's all I really needed to say. Thanks for reading folks. Hopefully someday someone will mix these great tracks. :sleepdepriv:

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This looks so neat. I wish my computer could handle it. o_o

*Shill mode, cause apparently I type like I'm selling the thing* The game actually scales from what I hear, so even on older machines (Some say machines 8 years old, I find that kind of hard to believe myself... but I know it does scale to some extent) the game should run fine. Won't look as purdy, but hey, beta's free and all, so easy chance to find out I suppose.

I'm in it for two reasons, the great music and the very fast combat. I liked games like FFXI, but man, the combat was so slow, as PLD I didn't have the benefit of relaxing either, constant vigilance!

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Err.. no, you don't have to pre-order to play beta. If you pre-order, you get a guaranteed spot in beta, as opposed to simply submitting your e-mail, which puts you on the list to get a beta key.

And yeah, 3 characters definitely raises my interest for it, cause they focus on fast paced combat with lots of monsters, rather than slow based combat with monsters that have large amounts of health.

Also, while I love the character design, there's not all that much customization as of yet, I'm hoping they add some before it goes live.

I'm just hoping a talented mixer likes the music, I'm still waiting for Ragnarok mixes, haha.

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Well the only guaranteed way to get it a key is to pre-order, how's that for marketing? Heh. Though if you put in your e-mail now for the non-pre-order keys, you stand a fairly good chance at getting one I'd say.

And a computer and time, like I said, shouldn't be too big of a factor. If you want to, you can level very quickly in the game due to the constant battling (Which from beta testers of the Singapore version, is apparently pretty fun considering the speed of the battles, I have yet to try it) so you don't have to be on for hours at a time.

Also, since you control 3 characters, you don't NEED to be in a party, though I'd imagine a party would be better at a certain point. The first guy to hit level 100 did so pretty quickly on his own I think. He was crazy though.

The game scales, so unless you've got a real pile, the game should be playable at a pretty comfortable speed. I'd imagine the only thing that would really hold you back is your internet speed. Dial-up users won't be able to handle the game. (They can play, but they don't they get no guarantees on quality.)

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I played in the closed beta of this when it was called Granado Espada.

Kinda cool, for the most part. The grind is very WoW-like, in that it goes fast - certainly not your average Korean MMO.

While the 3 person thing is cool, it doesnt really change anything. For big takedowns you still need to be in a party, and 1 character is too weak to handle anything on his or her own.

By biggest problem with the game is also one of the coolest things about it. Its very frantic and fast, and very much supports the "quantity over quality" style of leveling. Because its really hard to keep clicking on enemies that die in 2 seconds, they have an "autoattack" feature that just goes after any enemies around you. Well, this basically lets you sit in a dungeon, you hit spacebar, and come back a few hours level with your nice and shiny new levels, assuming you have a healer. No loot, but its essentially perfectly legit botting. They need to deal with that, or else the game is basically Progress Quest.

+ Neat looking graphics

+ Fun and fast gameplay

+ Great Music

+ Cool Voices

+ A Lot of Quests

- Virtually no character customization

- A built in "bot mode"

- Dull story and quests

- Little to no variety in skills (the level 14 skill is almost always better in every way than the level 10 one)

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While I don't know about most of that, I can tell you for certain that "AFK leveling" gets you very little experience and you'll have to set it for a very long time to gain levels. So yes, you can "play" while AFK, but don't expect to progress much. The lack of loot will seriously hinder you as well, as you'll be making 0 cash while still gaining levels.

You can't AFK kill in dungeons, where the real exp is made, because certain boxes when attacked unleash very powerful enemies that will zerg you, and if you're not there to fight them yourself, you're just going to die over and over.

AFK leveling is actually near impossible after level 50, when you need reagents to resurrect, so you better be somewhere you're guaranteed not to die, which pretty much means no exp.

AFK leveling in the field, your only other option, also let's people duel you. If you don't decline the duel, it automatically accepts, so you can be killed by other players that don't like seeing AFK levelers or just want an easy target.

All in all, the feature is mainly if you have to go AFK a few minutes or just want to continue gaining exp as you take care of something else. It's hardly a viable option past the newbie levels.

Also, if you have a problem with it, why were you using it? Seems illogical, captain.

Not that I think it should be in there in the first place, but it has severe limitations that newbies will think get them to level 100 with no effort. Not gonna happen.

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looks intresting, signed up for the beta, here's hoping to get in.

(ex-wow nut, on a break, needs something to distract from wow and it's stupid community.)

WoW's great and all, but I'm a hunter/shaman/warrior...there's too many terrible hunters out there, which makes it hard for mine to get anything, same with warriors...and shamans....dunno why life is so hard for em...got a 67 draenai shammy...and I'm not sure I want to finish topping her off. bah.

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