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Forum username change requests

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Wait, starla posted on here? WORLDS ENDING!


I think I'm mainly known as TychoRoc on most internet sites though I'm not sure whether I should change it to TychoRoc or TychoRocfeather. I'd say change it to TychoRoc if you don't mind please. Tha

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Hi! Would it be possible to change me to "BlitzChris"?

Noslien90 was my 'just starting to use the internet' username, and I've since grown into "BlitzChris" especially when it comes to music/community

Edit: Cheers :)

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The dynamic duo of "Erecto!" and "Phlacid!" LMAO!!! :-D

It has been suggested that in this same vein, I should change my username to "Limpazilla." Come on guys, I'm a girl. Think of something better than that! Still lmao...

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I took care of this. Consider it a favor.


Hardy har, very original...

But seriously, I get puns like that all the time because of my last name. It's become sort of a nickname/alias for me.

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Hey there,

I'd like to have my nickname changed, too.

From now on I shall be known as "Jandalf"! ...please?

Cheers, Jandalf (formerly known as NinjaN)


Hey, no fair... Cash got his name change and I'm still waiting? ;-)

Is there some restriction I didn't catch?


Name change applied. Thank you, Liontamer!

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