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Forum username change requests


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Tell your friends, relatives and significant others. If you'd like your forum name updated, please drop me a PM or reply to this thread.

Gimme your current forum name and the change you'd like. As soon as I'm available, I'll provide you with the new name and email you your current password just in case you're somehow logged out of the account.

This is not a service to be abused, so if you're not intending on using a name permanently, don't press your luck.

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This is very cool. Thanks for the limited time offer Larry!

I thought Rambo would've already been taken when I was signing up so I just tried it. But I had intended on it actually being Rambotnik. Now... I'm faced with a dreadful yet delightful decision. I've noticed Arek, Pzykotikfreak, and Atma. Who else has changed their names?

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i was thinking of dropping my é because part of the system like friendlisting don't like it, but Naa. i keep my é. part of my french touch.

:larry: :<

:darkesword: :roll:

who's next btw?

grr the vomiting one is gone because someone should be that one i liked it

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I have. I went from the missing frame back to jmr. Thanks again, Larry!

Leah has changed her name to Villainelle.

I haven't noticed any other changes yet.

heh.. wonderful. Thank you. Now I can continue lurking and still know who's whom. :-D

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The police walked in for jimmy jazz

I said, he aint here, but he sure went past

Oh, youre looking for jimmy jazz

Sattamassagana for jimmy dread

Cut off his ears and chop off his head

Police came looking for jimmy jazz

So if youre gonna take a message cross this town

Maybe put it down somewhere over the other side

See it gets to jimmy jazz

Dont you bother me, not anymore

I cant take this tale, oh, no more

Its all around, jimmy jazz

J-a-zee zee j-a-zed zed

J-a-zed zed jimmy jazz

And then it sucks, he said, suck that!

So go look all around, you can try your luck, brother

And see what you found

But I guarantee that it aint your day

Chop! chop!

BOOBerries is no more. BEHOLD! :shock:

Aww. I liked your old username.

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  • 1 month later...

Really, she should start remixing again...

I was wondering about username changes - if I change my username, can I add something like "formerly Dafydd" to my "real name" field? Speaking of which, are things like "X Project Coordinator" added to the real name field or by some other means? I know I've been lazy for the past 6 months or so, but I'm a project coordinator, and there's nothing about in my userbar.

EDIT: Why can't we do this ourselves anyway? Or change topic titles? Seems to me Larrybot has enough work to do already.

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