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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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Hey all,

I just finally gathered the courage to join this awesome community that is music and video gaming. You can refer to me as A.S.F, or my gamer tag Mirage, whatever works for ya. I hail from New York, but I'm at a really... "interesting" job in Boston. It sucks, but a job is a job. I've been gaming since the dawn of my life and I don't see that changing anytime soon...*eating ramen*

I don't currently have the equipment to start remixing right now, but I do have like... too many ideas. I play pretty much everything nowadays, so the whole thought about what do I dabble in has pretty much diminished into sawdust and shadows.

However, I'm glad to have such a warm welcome here. Thanks and take care!

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Well, another day, another lurker finally shows himself to the forumboard.

Hey all, I'm sean, ala djarikraz.

Been a lurker to the ReMixes on this site for quite some time, through the changes in the site over the years, all the different ReMixes showing their colours, yatta yatta. I've been too afraid to show my face around the forums, due to fear of it being at par with Something Awful's forums, but after reading through, it turned out not to be as bad, or at least from what I've seen.

I've always been huge into video games, and the music behind them. My oldest memory of my gaming life has been Megaman 3 when I was 4 years old. My oldest memory of being intrigued with video game music has to be when Final Fantasy III(VI) first came out and hearing Tina's Theme during the opening credits. I'm 20 now if that helps with my time spent with gaming and the likes.

I have always been a gamer throughout my life, and will continue to do so throughout the rest of it. My favorite genres are Shmup Games (Gradius, Ikaruga, RType, Anything that really requires practice and patience) and RPGs. I do like an occasion game of Guitar Hero, Fight Night, and FPS games as well. I however will not play Football or any other sports games aside Racing and Boxing; and I don't even really like boxing as a sport, just the Fight Night games.

I've been a musician since I was 9, and have always loved transposing my favorite tunes from video games far and wide.

My biggest accomplishment thus far has been transposing the entire Opera House sequence for my Wind Ensemble in High School and then playing it at our Final Concert of the school year, after practicing it nearly half the school year, going through all the tweaks, flats, sharps, crescendo fixes, etc to get it just right.

I've also transposed Tank! and Rush from Cowboy Bebop for Jazz Band at my school as well, and unfortunately didn't play Tank at any of our concerts, due to our lead trumpet was unable to hit all the highend notes.

I've also transposed Dark World Theme from Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past for Pep Band, in which we played a bit of it during halftime of one of our school football games, and made all the gamers out in the stands jump around with glee.

I've been making Electronica (ambient trance mostly) for 2 years now, with the help of eJay programs, and since last year I finally ventured into the world of FL Studios, and have now also moved into Reason. I've been planning on making a ReMix for quite some time now, as it has been a huge dream of mine to have a song to call my own on this site. I'm finally at the point of being ready to make one, my only step I have left to make now, is of which game/song I want to do it of.

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Wow, you jumped right into the traditions here, djarikraz, welcome.

I like doing my homework before tossing myself into a fire. We had a sort of June/August Month theme back at my old forum board (rest in peace freqremixes.net) and seeing the Boss Month here, just reminded me of that, so I felt compelled to make a sig for it, even being the newb that I am.

Unless you meant something else...then I just feel even more newbish.

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Haha awesome. I love using photoshop every chance I get, and if that means a new sig, I'll stay up for hours just to make one that fits that forum/site for me. I've always wanted a Giga Gaia sig, and I just happened to luck out that this was Boss Month.

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Sorry I didn't make my first post here, but I suppose a short introduction is in order:

...Ur, nope... I've got nothing.

I guess basic info will have to do:

Age, as of the current-present timing in which is of the time which is now: 20

Meaning of Name: I asked a friend who knows Japanese if they could create a transliteration of the screen name I often used online, which is SomeCrazyGuy, and this was the best she could give me... I'm basing this on my faith that she both knew Japanese well enough to do this and that was wasn't being a jerk, and didn't tell me a collection of swear words or some other nonsense.

Why I am so long-winded:

1.) I am a perfectionist

2.) I am not perfect

3.) I am too proud to let #2 get in the way of #1, which means that I often have to type unneccesarily long messages to feel that it is ready for public eyes, which, by then, are too impatient, or as they like to call it, 'have lives'.


You will notice that I put a... Well, I'll just say 'quite a few' elipsis in the internet novels I call 'posts', which tends to become an endearing character trait, or as other people tend to call it, 'enraging and unneccesary annoyance'. So, all I have to say to you is... Get used to it.

Musical Genious, I Am Not:

Title says it all, m i rite/1

Why are you posting at 2 in the morning?:

I work overnight, so I sleep during the day and post at night, so no, I'm not just a loser who stays up too long, frequenting message boards... Well, not JUST that, at least.

Yeah, that's about it, I hope we have many years of you tolerating my grating, annoying presence! Good day/night!

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Since for a couple of days that I register here, I will like to introduce myself... I'm samusmmx, I also register to submit any type of arranged files from the midis I just basically done. Of course, I didn't came for a competition or something, nop, just to share my works that I'm doing. Most of the music can be basically from my favorite video games, others will be from my own, if I inspire myself to do one.

Anyways, that's all I can say, hope I can meet people here. See ya! =D

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Seems I've gone and made a few posts already before noticing this thread.

Dr. Wilhelm here, but you can me William or Doc, whichever. The "Doc" comes from a group of friends of mine I play Guilty Gear with on regular basis, my favorite character to use being Faust (hence the name).

I've enjoyed numerous remixes here on the site for a long time now and wondered why I never made an account here in the first place. So now I'm finally here.

I like what I'm seeing of the forums so far and hope I don't make a fool out of myself in them, heh. Glad to be here.

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HI guys. I am Midnight, but the owner of this site knew me as Mariopokemon. I am into making videos, mainly anime related, computers, forums, myspace, etc.. I have been checking out this site a lot but I really haven't joined it, so I decided to take a look at it.

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Yo. My username is Ultranoir, which I took from a description of the movie Brick, and it's a slight reference to the fact that I love trenchcoats, which are often associated with the film noir genre.

I'm a friend of Dr. Wilhelm's, and I have a hard time with his precision using Scalpel Enema, and the amount of meteors he pulls out. I'm an avid fighting game fan, with a weak spot for SNK (even the bad games), usually playing Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Guilty Gear. I've liked many of the remixes on here, particularly the work of Snappleman, as I love hard, driving rock and metal music.

I hope to make a lot of friends on here and be a part of what the Doc has said is a friendly community. Most of the forums I've been on sucked, so I'm hoping for you all to prove my opinion of all internet communities wrong. :razz:

Glad to make your acquaintance, ladies and gentlemen.

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protip: Unless I type like this in the forums, don't take my rude comments seriously.

Ooh, I like protips.

Yeah, if I seem to be coming off badly when stating something, just tell me. God knows I can be quite overzealous when I'm fired up over something. :)!!

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I am a noob to remixing music, but I found this site like 6? years ago and I have just recently registered. I am a guitarist though so if anyone needs a guitarist they could send me a private message and I'll send some samples to see if I can do what you need to be done. I'd be glad to help.

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I'm new, but they threw me on the judges panel.

It's awesome. Hope to stick around for a while.

gtfo, newb. Way to become a judge. Now I automatically hate you.


Hello to all you new registarerers. Feel free to post your questions and such here or pm someone like Liontamer or Arek (or myself, I guess.)

And while it's nice to take a little time and see how things go down here, don't never post! (double negative)

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Good night! You have some really fucked up smileys here: :lmassoff:

I just wanted to say hello, I really appreciate what people do here with game musics and I just wanted to express this appreciation by registering abd telling it

(Sorry for the smiley thing I just couldn't resist noting it :twisted: )

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Hi all, My name's Arthur! The latest n00b around :razz:

I'm about 25 years of age, and live in the Netherlands. I also host some radio shows in my free time, but mostly I like to make new versions and/or remixes of old game tunes, and found this with google when I decided that maybe I should share my work somewhere...

So I'll start with my first question: Where do I drop my creations?

By the way... I'm about to get married next thursday :-D


Ah... Never mind... I found the FAQ already :wink:

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