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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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So, hi. I've watched this site for years, but haven't gotten as far as to sign up on the forums until now. The site seems to have changed quite a bit since last time I was here, but anyways.

I've studied music production for half a year, but had to cancel to go on with other, more important studies. So I'm proficient with Cubase, although I no longer have access to a full version. At this time I'm on the lookout for free software to use as a substitute. VSTi support is very important there.

I play the guitar, and I'm currently working on some rearrangements of songs from the Final Fantasy games. I'll also be looking at songs from the original red/blue Pokemon games and Metal Gear Solid. My genre of choice is metal, but my remixes can cover a broad spectrum. There's reggae, jazz-esque tracks and slow piano-based arrangements as well.

If you want to know more about my musical taste you could look me up on last.fm under the name Avenius.That was my introduction, see you around!

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Helllooo theree! I'm a newbie remixer, in my arsenal I have Reason 3 and... well yea, that's really my entire arsenal. I've enjoyed listening to OC remixes for about a year or two now, just got around to making an account on the forums here because I've recently had a strong desire to learn how to make good music and my goal is to get one of my own remixes up on OCR! Yea, I know it sounds insanely typical and almost like ever other newb's dreams but I wanna see if I can really do something with it. Other than all of that I suppose I don't really have anything else to add... so hello again, OCR community.

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Hello and good night OCR!

The new newbie and fanboy is here;-Fanboy!

I'm just another fan of music and videogames and sadly, i lack the skills to play any instrument, and with my teenager-voice i don't do much singing either. Thank heavens for that.

Another swede, like AmiEvil and Another Soundscrape here, but as you probably figured i won't contribute with more than my thoughts i the forums.

Like many others i too have lurked around here fpr about a year, enjoying the music and so on.

Oh, and yes, i have a total lack of imagination and thus my worthless username.

Now you know what there is to know. :)

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Hey. I'm CyAnIdE. Spelt like that cause I can't be arsed finding all the special characters that I use in my gamertag whenever I log on v_v.

I'm a former member, who forgets what name he went by back then v_v. Regardless, I regained interest in the site about 3 months ago when I first heard about a few of the projects you guys had running.

You then released FFVII VotL and I decided I was going to reregister, just to give you guys a congrats, and to hopefully get involved, start remixing again, and start some projects.

One of my favourite ReMixers here is bLiNd, who has earned a godlike status imho, closely followed by Sixto.

I don't know what else to say really, I'm Aussie, I'm against politics mostly, I see it as a way of pushing your way around others' rights and opinions.

See y'all round!

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Hey, OCRemix. I'm new, just joined today! I've been watching the progress of this site since way back in '01. Since then I've wanted to join, but back then I was totally unprepared to make that kind of step. To be honest, I still don't think I'm ready.

But I'm here now and I'm so ready to be a part of this place...if I can learn how to make a tune with a synth, and once I get one, hallellujah. Anyway, I don't know anything about arrangements or collaborations or even about making music. But I did come prepared for one thing, and that's my voice.

I haven't had any training for it, but many have heard it and enjoy it. I figure, if I can at least sound decent on a mix, and actually be heard, it'd be a dream come true. I'm not gonna try and let someone else do all the work on a song, so if someone could point me in the right direction concerning a fine synthesizer, I'll get right on it and try my hand at a song. So far, my interests are Sonic, Mario, Zelda, and Mega Man. Can't go wrong with the classics, right?

Anyway, I'd love to hear from you guys. I've been watching you for years, now I want to come in and say hello. Thanks for reading, guys!

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You can do it man. I'm going through a similar time with learning production values. I hate bothering with production at all. I just want to write my song and be done with it. But I'm thinking that I don't want to ALWAYS have to collaborate everytime I wanna make a mix. So I'm taking my freaking long sweet time trying to learn all that I can. The hardest part is not having the best equipment or money. There's a chance that it could be true but I'd hate to think that there's no way I could make a passable mix with my current stuff. So I'm gonna try and garner some skills around here and see how good I can make my current stuff sound. It's HARD yo! Let's do it together! ^_^

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Gooood morning, OC. I just arrived yesterday, and I had no idea there was a 'hello newbie' thread! Pretty spiffy.

Anyway, I hail from Tennessee, and like I said in my unneccessary 'lone newbie' thread, I've been watching this place for years, but I never had the guts to come in and say hello. Well, I'm here now.

I think my favorite game music is Sonic, mostly every Sonic game there ever was (minus the Game Gear and such, I wasn't priveliged-sp? enough to have two handhelds back then). One of the things I hope to accomplish here is finally learn how to make a remix. I think the first thing I'd go for is a remix of the Launch Base Zone 1 from Sonic 3. I've heard great mixes for that song, but it's never been done the way I had in mind

Oh, and I'm a huge Mario fan. If there was one costume I could have for Halloween (I know I'm 26, but I haven't had a good costume in 15 years...I miss the candy!) Anyway, music is my life. I can't work without it-literally. I go to work everyday with my mp3 player and fill it with the likes of OC Remix, Tally Hall, and ICP-not my musical inspiration, but it keeps me hopping.

My musical inspirations are the like of Josh Groban, Vertical Horizon, and OC's own Jillian Goldin. Her vocal talents are so amazing. My wife and I even sang the Lover Reef song on our wedding day. We're both singers, but I think my gal's a little too shy to make her debut here. She's as good as I am, so I'll see if I can't convincer her to join someday.

Anyway, I'm about out of words for now, so thanks for reading, guys. I look forward to taking my first step into the mixing world soon!

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I would like to say hello. I myself lurked for a while before I felt the unresistable urge to join this awesome group of musicians and gamers. I don't do much with music, but I have been listening to the remixes for quite some time. Anyway, if you do make some awsome pieces, they will show up on my playlist. Have fun!

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Hi I'm Senshi. I've been a fan of OCRemix for 3 or 4 years now, and decided to join after evaluating that the forum had cool people and not people looking to jump down your throat for an opinion not exactly that of the Collective.

Anyway, I've had a MacBook for about a year, and did some work on Garageband. I also used FruityLoops a litle bit on my family's XP system, and was looking to get some additional experience before upgrading and trying a full-on Remix.

I used to play tenor saxophone, but I'm really a musician, but I am a gamer. I've been a Nintendo fan since 1989... which makes me OLD I guess. =/

But really I love music and I love video games. I hope I can learn a lot here, and get back into music. I really did enjoy playing sax. :)

One question... how do I get those cool titles and names under my sig? And is there a forum to practice signatures on? Thanks

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The titles come with postcount (don't take this as a justification to post only to raise your postcount). The name you add in your user CP. Extra titles (like remixer) comes from getting a mix posted. As for sig, if you want to make one yourself, go for it, however there are some threads where you can ask for someone to make one for you.

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Alright, since this is the place for introductions, here's mine:

Just a little note, though: I actually signed up here a LONG time ago, like, a few years ago. How many exactly, I do not know. However, I never got a chance to post anything. This was mainly because of constant distractions. And over time, I forgot my username and password, so even when I wanted to post, I couldn't.

Ok, now for the actual introductory stuffage:

I'm pretty laid-back, although from time to time, I'll make smart-ass jokes. HOWEVER. I only make those types of jokes when appropriate. I also make a point not to post in a topic if I have nothing relevant to say, even if the topic is immensely intriguing.

Also, as it may not be painfully obvious, I am a musician, currently working on material for my first album, a rock/heavy/electronica/classical/ambient hybrid under the title of "The Voices of Defeat". (I can see the eyes rolling now, lol.)

I'm also trying to remix a few tracks, but at the moment, I'm finding it easier to make completely original material than to remix. Why, I don't know. I'm currently working on a remix of the opening theme and the Dolphin Park music from WaveRace 64, and "Speed Nation" from RidgeRacer 64. I actually have a list of tracks I'd like to remix in the future, such as:

Gorgeous Castle stage - Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon

End Credits - Perfect Dark

Cruise Control - RidgeRacer 64

Speed Highway at Dawn - Sonic Adventure

Angel City - Blast Corps.

But yeah, the only one that I've actually made some progress with is the WaveRace 64 remix, which I've titled as "Azure Crescent".

I also work in other fields of art, such as drawing(anime only, though, lol.), literature(I have a bunch of stories I'm working on now. Trust me, you do NOT want me to list all of them.), and photography. What can I say? I love art, lol.

So, by now, your eyes and your mind are probably screaming, "when does this guy shut up?!". Ha ha. I realize this is a little long and filled with possibly irrelevant information, so I'll stop my intro here. So, this is my long overdue, and insanely drawn out way of saying:

"Hi. I'm new." ^^'

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Geez...that site is huge,I remenber the first time I entered this site searching for Final Fantasy's Tactics songs,I still remenber the expression in my mind saing "oh my,how can a site can be so perfect",by the way...as a fan I did not comprehended the hard work that was been implied on that site,for me were just download and hear,but...now I understand,this site shows to us people that the life are much more than a list full of problems; what can be better than hear "Summoner's Love" in a sunshine day,or "Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain" when you are sad and sober,in a happy day just hear "Meribia Nights" and foreget about the problens,but,if you are not the emotional type,then you will find perfect musics for your liking,shake your bones with "Ada's Groove" or jump to the sky hearing "Fire Cross".I'm Alexandre,Agua da Chuva,and I am hored to make part of such a wonderful site likr that :-o

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Hey remixers,

I just wanted to post and say that you guys are seriously off the hook. my friend found out about Voices of the Lifestream via Evil Avatar, and I found my way over here and perused the remixes. I've got to say, I'm overwhelmed. I love music, and hearing these remixes has been a great blend of enjoyment and nostalgia.

I wanted to give extra props to all the FF7 people, and also McVaffe, who did a simple yet amazing remix of Relm's theme from ff6, which I haven't been able to stop listening to. You guys are sick!

I also just wanted to know what software most of you all use, and if you maybe know of somewhere I can go to learn how to use it? I have acid pro 6 (i think 6) right now, but I have no clue how to use it. I have a lot of ideas in my head, but can't do anything with them.

- Mike

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