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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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Howdy folks!

Same as the guy above, I've been visiting the site on and off for probably the last four years, and I'm just now getting around to registering! *L* I've got a pretty decent collection of original work from the site already spanning all genres of games and music. I really like the idea of responding to admiration for someone's work with original contributions of your own- in essence it sets up a dialog between the works and provides venue for mutual fans to discuss favorite memories and moments.

So yep, that's me! Occasionally a bit long-winded, but overall a nice guy! ;) Thanks to all the mods and contributors who have made this site possible!

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Greetings newbies. Welcome to OCR. Before you begin poking around and interacting with all the oddities- er, posters that hang out around here, be sure you skim through the various stickied threads in this sub-forum so you can get a feel for the basics in terms of what, and what not, to do. It'll make getting started here a bit easier, and lower your cholesterol by five full points.

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Hi everyone, Im Armagedon

New to the forums, but not to OC Remix. First found out about this place when a friend showed me Aeris Lives by Kevin Lau(awsome remix ^^). I've been hooked ever since.

Anyways, I don't know why it took me so long to register to the forums here but... I finally did!:D

So... Hello and nice to meet all of ya ^^

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Hehwo, my name is Homeswar RUnner, and this is a Websi-eyi-eyi-eyi-wait.


Let me start over then.

I'm XFactor, formerly known as X, sometimes called xonic, and othertimes having put an Infinity after my name. I'm new to the whole ReMixing thing, I've always been interested though.

If I seem familiar, that's because I'm an established member at STC-Online, the unofficial STC comic continuation, and a random load of spriting sites. If I'm not familiar, it's because you've never been anywhere near there. :P

I'm sort of an oddball, will do things slightly crazily, and, OH YEAH! I'm insanely hyper as well. Hyper. Hyper hyper hyper. Wanting sugar sugar sugar. Now-er now-er now-er? Er, I guess. Like monkeys guess. With pie. Or not. Maybe the pie is cooked OVER NINE THOUSAND degrees, thus burning it to a healthy CRISP.OF DELIGHTFULLY BUTTERSCOTCH FLAVORED DOOM.TO UBER COOK THE GREATNESS OF IT ALL.

If I didn't make sense right there, don't wory, you're completely normal. If I did, then I love you, will you marry me? Please?

...anyway, I hope I don't accidentally get meself banned like I never have done. (I always say that at every forum I've ever joined and I've never gotten banned so there :P)

Well, I'm off. I haveta perfect my remixing technique. I pretty much suck right now, to be honest.

I enjoy PMs that are random, and I enjoy PMs that are round. I also enjoy cherry flavored ones. PMs that have ReMixing tips are WELCOMED. My grandmother is Irish. Three men went in a bar, carrying a large mirror. The sun is a mass of incandescent gas. I HATE BABIES....

*talks like this for days on end*

...and that was how I slayed the dragon of ForestLand.

Wait, you're all asleep!

...That makes me sad.


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Hello, my name is daniel but in the underground rave scene, i know as DJ EXOTIC. The music i do is u.s. hardhouse,hardcore/gabbe, and learning more about happy hardcore. If you are into rave, you can check me out at my site and myspace. currently, i am working on to songs i am remixing. one is a u.s. hardhouse beat of super mario overworld theme songs that i am doing. the other is a metal gear song. keep a look out of the two songs. let me know what ya thing of my two pages that i got link to my profile.

and i am going to leave ya something to remember me by.

clearn vr-i adore(DJ EXOTIC MIX)(happy hardcore/uk hardcore)


p.s. if it doesn't work, just copy and paste it onto your address bar!

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Hi! I'm deific-X from Norway.

I recently got into remixing gamemusic.

Tried to submit, one that got rejected

and one is to be judged. I Doubt I'll

be the most active forum member.

I will try to submit some more, and

write a review once in a while. That

can't be to hard.

Well, that's it I guess.

for some of my earlier work,

but no remixes, check my soundclick:


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I am DoTheDew911, Also known as Claude the Great/Amazing/Tranquil/Bringer of Light ^_^ Im new to the forums, but have had my account annihilated several times from inactivity. Now that I've been streaming ormgas for about a year now, i think its time to enjoy the forums! Typos need to die...just letting you know...

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Hello. My name is Joe or The Faceless Pianist. Whatever you'd like to call me.

I like video games and music a lot, so I decided to join up. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time on my hands to do a really cool, involved remix but I do plan on doing a few piano things. Hopefully, I'll become a better pianist in the progress.

Here's a little about me in general. I enjoy having philosophical discussions, biology, reading, eating, riddles, and word plays. I'm a laid back sort of guy and I'm not afraid to be honest. I look forward to meeting people because meeting people is fun!

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Hi, I'm FrozenHope. As a music (and remix) lover, I wish I'd found this place sooner. So much hard work and inspiration has gone into these songs that anyone who visits this site and takes a look at the songs is bound to realize video game music has just as much quality and potential as other types of music. This place has definitely inspired me.

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