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New album by Destiny on sale


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http://www.ocremix.org/remixer/destiny/ for those who don't know who she is. Helen hasn't been around this community for a while (supposedly she considered it a stepping stone), but was very highly regarded while she was here for the quality of her Enya-like vocal and instrumental work.

Her first album is a 2-CD endeavor, with a total of 22 tracks. The first disc is called Inside Myself and contains the bulk of the songs on the album, while the second disc is entitled Once Upon a Time, having a fairy tale theme. You can buy it at her CD shop here:

http://www.faefly-records.co.uk/shop.htm (crossfade demos here)

Google Checkout only works for orders within the UK at the moment, unfortunately.

The price is a bit hefty at 8.49 GBP (~$17 USD), especially with international shipping if you're in the US, but most people who have heard her work will agree that it's worth it for 2 CDs of Destiny goodness. In addition, each copy will be personally signed by Helen, with an optional message of your choice.

Better hurry if you want a copy though: there are only 100 in print.

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I find that theory pretty hard to believe. I think it's more likely she's just a very, very busy little European.

Or perhaps because certain *COUGH* members the community would immediately make another attempt to get into her pantalonés, now that Jill is taken.

Which reminds me how saddened I am that a pixie/Destiny collaboration never transpired...

Edit: Shipping is 2.00 GBP outside Europe, so the total will be about $21.

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I've been following the progress of this album and a half for a while. I'd say I have over half the songs already downloaded, but not all remastered and stuff - SO excited! "Dream of the Innocent" is the most beautiful song you'll ever hear. I ordered my physical copy, despite the $21 price tag. ^o^

Which reminds me how saddened I am that a pixie/Destiny collaboration never transpired...

Yet! Helen had said on her MySpace that she's looking to collaborate with a female vocalist in a classical crossover style, so I immediately jumped on that. She was all for it, but we'll have to wait a while since we're each a little preoccupied with our albums at the moment.

Though what would be REALLY cool is if we could feature it as a special guest track on my release this spring. Good way to keep promoting "Inside Myself" as well...

You guys should definitely check out the Zine she's starting up through the FaeFly Records page. I think it's gonna be a great resource.

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*blink* I haven't been here for years. I was (pleasantly) surprised to discover that my login still works. :D

Anyway, a couple of little birdies told me about this thread so I sneaked in out of curiosity... :)

Thanks Dhsu for posting about it in the first place!

And thanks to anyone who has ordered - your CDs are on their way right now.

Just wanted to clarify a couple of things.

supposedly she considered it a stepping stone

Eh? Whose supposition was that? xD

It's not even close but OH WELL ^.^

The main reason why I haven't been around OCR (and VGmix) is that I've been more into songwriting the past few years, I just felt like working on originals more than remixes, and my degree has been keeping me really really busy too of course!

And I didn't post about it here because honestly I didn't even think of that :)

That said, I AM working on a remix... :P :P :P ('Evening Star' from SD3, I think) but if it turns out rubbish you will never know about it MARK MY WORDS. hee hee.

Anyway clearly I've run out of stuff to say, so I'll be quiet now!


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I just got it.

Got your CD today. Royal Mail FTW.

You really outdid yourself with this. I hadn't even listened to a single song and I was already impressed with just the packaging! the butterfly sticker was a nice touch... then I got to track 18... :D

Also' date=' I'm ripping this to mp3 because the CD is too nice and I don't want to ruin it X_X. Thanks for the letter Helen :D[/quote']

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