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OCRA-0009 - Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream


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P.S. I wanna see them everyone's Last.fm stats. I've got 258 plays on my track so far. Hot dang.

Too Much Fighting: 483 plays ( http://www.last.fm/music/Another+Soundscape/_/Too+Much+Fighting+%28Fanfare%29 )

Golden Feathers: 294 plays ( http://www.last.fm/music/Another+Soundscape/_/Golden+Feathers+%28Racing+Chocobos+-+Place+Your+Bets%21%29 )

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So.... even with an ocremix mirror AND an ff7 mirror, my overall bandwitdth for the month is sitting at 1/5th of its capacity. muhahahahahahaha..

That said, this project has still managed to pull in an incredible number of hits and snatches. How any future project could hope to live up to this is beyond me.

People DID say the same about Kong in Concert, and even before about Relics of the Chozo.

Probably not gonna make it ZOMGBETTAH! but maybe only by having a "crispy finishing touch" on the whole thing, for a lack of better words. LOL @ people still finding a reason to whine, and

grats to everyone for making me enjoy every track of a game i came to detest through the last few years(many reasons, yadda yadda etc.). I particulary like how many songs aren't recognizable compared to the source tune and are right away at the same time. GJ and GG guys!

(now let's get all those other game remixing projects finished, aight? ;) )

Edit : forgot to mention, but i'll surely seed this for quite a while, like most OCR torrents

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The album is awesome. Definitely the best OC Remix project.

Quick Question: Disc 4 Track 2 - Collision. Is this meant to be a tribute to David Crowder Band? Because it's VERY VERY similar to the song 'Do Not Move' from the album... 'A Collision'. Far too similar to be a coincidence ;)

I got a few ideas from that song, yes. I believe I changed enough for it to be considered a new song, but some of the intro stuff I did get from that song.

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u r liar!

u r sukking up!

btw just got home and listening this through. Loved your track too Fishy ;)

so far, only three tracks listened, but man they all blew me away O.o bastards

Actually, wow man. When i listen to the Chocobo themes i usually do it to piss off my neighbours, and that isn't very often. But this beauty has been in my playlist the last three days now, and woah. You took a track that could have been used to psych out prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and made it sound like something a new age-buddhist monk would meditate to. In other words; En så in i helvete bra låt!

That's Swedish, and it means something like ''Hell of a song'' so don't kill me for using foreign words, thank you very much. ;)

And well yeah, i don't know what a new age-buddhist is, i don't even think new age-buddhism exist, and if it did it would probably be called ''Neo-buddhism'' or something like that. I just thought it sounded funny, forgive my childish mind. But, well you can't expect more from a fifteen year old i suppose. So don't give me a hefty rant about that=)

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Am I the only one who thinks Jenova Returns sounds a lot like the recent Spider-Man movie themes?

Steffan Andrews is a big fan of Danny Elfman, who scored Spider-Man 1 and 2. Plus as was noted by an earlier poster, "Jenova Returns" is a direct reference to "Batman Returns", another movie scored by Elfman. :)

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Okay, tracks I loved that gave me goosebumps: Adrenalyne Kyck (specifically the quote bit, loved the reference when I found it out too), Every Story Begins with a Name (about 5-6 times throughout the song, mainly the first half)

Tracks I loved: Deliverance of the Heart (specifically the atmospheric bit from 2:20), Jenova Celstial (nothing like some of the classic euphoric trance), Daydreaming Again, Frozen Landscape

Loads more I loved that don't come instantly to mind probably because I didn't hear them a while.

Thanks to all the artists for this excellent, excellent release.

EDIT 1 of 21484: And, of course, Crossroads. MMmm

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First of all, congratulations on the release, it's a great project. I have to ask though, I wonder when you guys plan to return to regular posting? AKA how long do you plan to leave the project featured up at the front?

It was just released... give it some time to shine.

Truly an epic compilation beyond mine and many others' expectations.

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